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Tomorrow, for one day only, anyone can buy Google Glass. That is anyone who hasn't been able to score an "invite," which hasn't been all that hard anyway. And anyone who has $1,500 to drop on the pseudo-prototype. You'll be able to get them here. And, so, we ask: Are you buying?


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Anyone can buy Google Glass tomorrow — so ... will you?


Yea, maybe I would if I was getting 13 grand BACK in taxes as opposed to having to PAY it, but I'm in agreement - not for that price.

Needing to drop $2,000+ for that privilege (the $1500 plus the $500+ it would cost me for the prescription lenses to go into the free frame...) means I will have to pass!

That price is such a steal, I'll take 6...I kid. Even though, I am intrigued by glass, that price is way out of my budget!

No way. Move on to something else Google. Glass isn't going to happen in the consumer market.

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Exactly. What can a tiny display strapped to your head possibly offer? The only thing GG has achieved is making those who wear it look like complete fools.

have you own or used one for more than 10 minutes?

If not, reserve your judgement until after. I do think GG will be best suited for business but I can still see it being used as a consumer product. It really comes in handy throughout the day.

If it's not going to succeed in the mainstream, which more than likely means it won't succeed at all. GG has been in existence for a while now and while there's been a curiosity about it there simply hasn't been enough interest by the average Joe for it to make it. Nexus Q ring a bell? Let us know how you like yours, inquiring minds want to know.

Considering that it's only obtainable by getting an invite AND forking over +1,500 its understandable why people dont buy it. and thats a good thing. google didnt want the average joe to use it, its a beta program, which they know and state. But if you lower it to $300, Tom, the insurance broker sporting his galaxy s3, would think about buying it, getting it, then wonder why the apps are so limited, or why sometimes have hiccups.

Nexus Q? I love when people bring this up. As if no other company in the world has ever put out a product and given up on it. Remember microsoft kin? I can ask the same thing, but its not relevant.

Google, is such a large company theyre bound to let this happen, and possibly more than once. But to say "I'm still trying to figure out why Google Glass even exists so absolutely not." Is completely ridiculous and if you feel this way, leave any and all tech news sites, we're all here to learn and expand our learning, not to look down upon those who try to advance our civilization.

Bingo! Look at all the "science fiction" from just 2-4 decades ago and look at how much of it is a reality today. To blindly state that GG is a bust when it isn't complete nor been introduced to the masses shows how much these haters are close minded fools.

While I generally agree with you, you're not likely to change someone's mind or alter their perception by calling them a "close minded fool". Just a thought.

Well said! I really want one myself because I have limited use of my hands so using my phone with the touch screen has it's complications. Even getting it out of my pocket to see who is calling is a challenge. This would alleviate most of those complications for me.

Don't write it off, yet. The fact that so many people *have* forked over $1500 for what they know to be a prototype model shows just how much interest there is in this sort of product. Even when the automobile came out, many people thought it was a bad idea (early "cars" were nothing like today, but that's kind of my point). Remember all the talk about how cell phones were going to give us all cancer back in the late 90's? Remember when cell phones could browse the internet, and people said that was stupid? Remember the people that were convinced that WiFi was slowly poisoning us back in early 2000?

Many completely new types of products are initially ridiculed, or written off (or just straight up feared like a caveman fears fire), but eventually become very common every day devices. Imagine if people had really taken the whole "cancer" scare seriously back in the late 90's and companies killed off the cellphone.

Don't right off revolutionary tech just because of the early reactions. Perception of the masses is slow to change but, having gotten to play with a pair of Google Glass and see first-hand what they can do, I genuinely believe that perception will definitely change. I think it's going to be a little painful along the way, but it will change.

I'm having a hard enough time justifying $$ for a new phone. DO I *want* one, of course. Do I need one.. that's a different story. And I have no idea what I'd use Glass for right now, other than probably killing me and someone else on the road while driving and doing what? video chatting?

Once they actually hit the market (this is still just buying a prototype) and you're able to play with one, I believe you might understand. Have you ever been wandering around a mall, looking for a specific store? Or trying to find a place to eat downtown? Sure, you could probably look that up on your phone, but then you have to walk around constantly looking at your phone.

How about travel. Have you ever been to another country where the signs are in a language you can't read? Imagine if that incomprehensible text magically morphed into your native language just by looking at the sign (Glass does that *now*).

I use my phone for making my grocery lists. It can even keep track of how much things cost, so I know how much I'm going to spend on groceries before I even leave my apt. It works great, but it's a pain to constantly pull out my phone, wake it, check the list, then put my phone away again. Imagine if that list could just "float" in your peripheral vision. It could potentially even know what isle you're on, so it would only show you the stuff from your list that's on that isle.

Imagine behind able to walk into Home Depot, saying "Glass, I need a new 'x'" and having the isle sign "light up" for you, and then a highlight on the spot where that item is. No more wandering around a store looking for something, hoping that you can find an employee that can help you.

Imagine picking up an item off the shelf at a store and having a review pop up with customer comments. Or a notification that the store down the street has the same product $20 cheaper. Or that some online retailer has it even cheaper than that, and just being able to say "yes, order it there" and go home.

The possibilities for the ways Google Glass could change the world are endless. The current version is only just barely scratching the surface.

I've owned GG for a month and whilst Its fun and exciting, I can't see myself using it long term, yet. All of these judgments we have are based on a product thats still technically in testing. We are early adopters. Whether it stays a consumer product or explodes as a business solution, I don't think GG is going away any time soon.

For the price of a high-end phone I bet there would be more takers, but at this price only fanatics and with lots of cash in their pockets and don't know what to with it.

One thing I find interesting is how many people I've seen commenting that these will likely retail for $600.

I find that unlikely, given that Google sells the Nexus line of phones for around $300, and GG should actually be cheaper to manufacture than a Nexus phone, once they actually go into full production.

It would have to cost under $100 for me to consider trying it out. For $1,500, I won't even worry about what it can do.

No. Why? Android Wear is coming. Either the LG G Watch or Moto 360 (leaning more to the LG G Watch) will be on my wrist in a couple of months and they can do the EXACT same thing. At 1/5 the cost.

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Nobody outside the tech community knows about Android Wear. Nor the watches associated with it.
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Well, The only reason it was announced earlier was to get developers working. After the watches launch, there's going to be TV commercials or other advertisements.

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Duh! It's not on sale yet. Soon devices will come out and marketing will begin.

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Should have been a spot, for yes if I had the money cause my vote for nope isnt entirely accurate.

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Had one back in December and returned it before the 30-day window was over. It's a cool product for sure, but I wouldn't pay more than $200-$300 for it in the end.

Hell no! Not even if it was $50. For one, I hate glasses, and two, people who wear GG look like dorks. No offense to anyone that has it. Just not my thing. I won't even put on one of those ridiculous looking smart watches on. The Moto 360 is the first one that I think I would consider wearing.
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I agree with everything you said. I love the Moto 360.

"How'd you get the beans above the frank?"

Don't you know there is nothing else except US in this world?

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So it seems ..... but I thought Nick would lean towards accuracy bearing in mind that Android Central has a large International following.

I wish I had the money. With my disability, this would be great for accessibility and independence. I'm still hoping to get one in the future though if the price becomes more reasonable.

Too big with very little feature set for $1500, I'm waiting until they make it a little compact.

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I would have done literally any other time but I am in the process of renovating/moving into a flat and the money would be better served elsewhere.

Nope. Gotta send my annual check to the IRS! Could buy several pairs with my check... :(
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I'm on the fence. Two things that always kill it for me is I keep reading the battery life is terrible and those who do purchase it stop using it after a month or so. It just isn't that useful too them. So it seems I'll buy it and end up not using it or try to use it but can't because of battery. :(

I may be atypical, but I've had mine for nearly six months and I still use it regularly (especially now with the actual glasses frame). I agree the battery doesn't last as long as everyone would like, but I can manage to pull six to eight hours out of it at times, depending on usage (a lot less when showing it to people or if I'm on a long drive and using navigation or Field Trip).

This is ridiculous... of course this is not going to go "Mainstream" @ $1,500.00..
They should have priced this @ $1,499.99... They would have sold a ton...
Without the "99" in the price.. it's an guaranteed "Fail".. :-)

Nope. I can't even see that price range it's so far out there.

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According to the poll…thats like $150,000 in funding JUST from AC poll readers.

That's a crudload of money just from that.

I feel they are dumping this old style off for an upcoming and better designed pair of Oakley's. I'd take a nice set of GG Oakley's (maybe) for that price.

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I like the concept/idea but unfortunately can't afford to shell out $1500 for it.

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I will not be buying Google Glass, nicht nicht.
But not because I think it's stupid, or too expensive. I just don't exist in an environment that is quiet enough for voice activated commands. Without the ability to physically direct GG's GUI, it's not for me. =(

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I never thought I would want or need or would get a smartphone, until I did. Now I can't imagine living without it. Maybe these kind of wearables will be the next technology stepping stone for the masses. Its just a bit early for me, as it was for smart phones, HDTVs, hybrid cars, etc.

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I think, someday, the things that we will be able to do with technology like this will be just as hard to live without as smart phones are today.

Actually smartwatches aren't totally useless. Example, if phone rings or you get a message and your in a meeting, you can just flip your wrist and see the message without taking your phone out. That's just one example. In reality until you have tried something for yourself you shouldn't consider it useless.

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At this point I don't gg will be good for average consumer due to pricing and weirdness. But for certain businesses this can be really good.

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I'd like them, but man that's a lot of money. I think I'd rather have a Pixel for that much dough. At least I'd know I'd be using it.
Anybody wanna give me their slightly used Pixel?
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I would love to get Google glass, just not at that price. If and when Google manages to slash $1000 off that price, then I'll consider buying it.

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I wonder why Glass is available for US residents/developers only. If Google would sell Glass to developers worldwide, then Google could have had tons of apps for Glass. We had to purchase our first pair of glass on eBay for $2800 and another 3 pairs from for $1790 ea just because they ship outside of the US. I think it would be great for all if non-US developers could buy Google Glass directly from Google. WHY NOT???