HTC Incredible HD 4G

It was only yesterday that we saw leaked pictures of the rumored HTC Incredible HD 4G for Verizon. Gizmodo now has another front picture of the device (not much different than the one we had a month ago) that is obviously sporting 4G LTE.

An increase in the amount of leaked pictures is hopefully a good sign that we'll see this device actually be announced soon. [Gizmodo] More in our rumored devices forums


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Another shot of the HTC Incredible HD appears


I hope this doesn't have the "washed out" screen like the EVO. From the picture above, it looks like it will. I hope not!

I truly think that the Incredible is the best phone I have ever owned. My only wish would be for a larger screen and it looks like this has it. HTC makes some great hardware. Can't wait to see this in action.

Hopefully they put a decent battery in it. Battery life is the only shortcoming that I think HTC phones compared to the other manufacturers.

Yeah really haven't had any complaines about my DInc except for the battery life and it's only gotten worse with updates.

I finally rooted my phone and have been switching around roms this last week and it seems at worst i'm getting a 25% increase in battery life with the best almost at 50%.

Still it's sad that I have to that far just to get better battery life. HTC should have been on that from the get go.

That's my question - spec-wise isn't this just an Evo 4G + VZW & LTE?

Not saying that's a bad thing - wouldn't kick it out of bed for eating crackers, but does anyone suspect any improvement over that already released phone? (besides the newer gen Snapdragon which in and of itself may be enough)

VZW > Sprint
LTE > WiMax
New Snapdragon + New HTC Sense > Old Snapdragon + Old HTC Sense

I would say that is A LOT of improvement over the EVO! Sprint is more affordable, I will give them that, but you definitely get what you pay for.

The incredible is my favorite phone, I like the phone as is though. I would like a front facing camera and lte.

First Droid phone i owned was the incredible and i'm still rocking it. Can't wait until this Savage drops. Going to get this one the day it drops just like i did with my Dinc.

I'm thinking HTC is doing an excellent job of leaking these photos with plausible deniability. ;-)

The images leaked yesterday were very professionally done.

Its a perfect tease to keep you interested without having to plant it in a bar somewhere.

This phone is what the Nexus S should have been. Google should never have switched from HTC to Sammy.

The htc phones struggle with graphic performance. Hopefully this one will change that, but they haven't indicated a change in gpu past the adreno 205 yet. Next to the Samsungs it looks choppy and slow, even with newer software.