Gotta love a good unfounded rumor on a slow Sunday afternoon. Or not. 

Regardless, Robert Scoble this afternoon set up a trial balloon to see what folks though about the possibility of Andy Rubin possibly leaving Google for a startup called CloudCar. Wrote Scoble on Google+

Today I heard that the head of Android, +Andy Rubin, will soon leave Google and head to a new startup called

Now, that rumor has two purposes: one, it might be true, in which case I start thinking about what that means for Android. I certainly will be looking for those signs when I attend the Google IO conference.

it didn't take long for Rubin to set the record straight, responding on Google+

How a rumor gets factualized: Cloudcar are a group of friends who I give free office space to in my incubator in Los Altos.  Revel Touch (Mar Hershenson's company: is another cool company that shares this space.  I'm not joining either one and I don't have any plans to leave Google.  See you on the 27th!

Roger that. Over and out. 

So in more Earth-based news, Rubin has also stated that there are over 900,000 Android activations daily -- up from 850,000 just a couple months ago at MWC. Before we delve into just how big that number is, let's revisit what each of those activations are. When a new Android device with a cellular radio has a Google account signed into it, it's counted as an activation. Each device only gets counted once -- not when you flash a new ROM, or when you sell it, just the first time the device is registered. This means that over 900,000 people are buying new Android devices every day. Or 27,000,000 every month. Or 328,500,000 a year at that rate. That's a lot of Android.

Looks like we'll be seeing plenty of Andy Rubin, and plenty of Android activations for the time being.

Source: +Andy Rubin. More: +Robert Scoble

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Rob White says:

Glad to see Andy is going to stick around. I want to see what he & Matias Duarte will cook up with Jelly Bean & Moto in house.

And that is some serious Android buying going on out there! I'm hooked to the 'Google Ecosystem' so glad to see it continuously growing & expanding as well.

Small_law says:

And I thought the stream of needlessly effusive Apple praise certain to pour down on us week was going to be bad. Sheesh.

Rob White says:

And you took the time to read it & then comment? It lust have really gotten under your skin. Do like Paul Miller @ The Verge & go offline if the news hurts you so bad.

Small_law says:

Clearly, I got under YOUR skin.

E_man says:

You aren't making sense...

Rob White says:

Quite the contrary. You simply made a petty statement about your dislikes. We get the the gist. Have a nice day.

wow, so what happens when it gets to a million? I expect wall to wall media coverage and a front page cover on Time magazine... That would be huge news.

Why would it be HUGE news? . . . It'll get recognized on Tech side of websites... but that's not something the average person gives a damn about.

E_man says:

Agreed. Then again, the kind of coverage apple gets for selling a few million in a few days gets tons of coverage. I'm not saying android should get "wall to wall" coverage at a million activations a day, but I don't think apple should either. That was probably the reason he thought android should get said coverage.

I disagree...

Imagine for a second that tomorrow, it gets announced that there are now a million iOS activations per day. Imagine the mainstream media coverage. Countless stories about where we are in the world of computing and how we as a society are moving away from traditional computing to mobile computing. Stories about how Apple is shaping the future and though Microsoft owned the last 20 years, the next 20 years are going to be on Apple's turf. Magazine articles talking about "what a million iOS activations a day mean to you". Stories about how Apple's stock is rising because of all the coverage and the milestone they have achieved.

Now, imagine that being Android.

That is why I expect to see these things. because if it were Apple, we'd definitely see it.

E_man says:

"When a new Android device with a cellular radio has a Google account signed into it, it's counted as an activation"

Is that right? So wifi only tablets don't count? Not they they sell a massive amount, but those numbers should be added if not. Maybe not the Kindle Fire and the like, but the Galaxy Tab, or the Transformer Prime should count.

sunnyvale says:

WiFi devices do count. The way it actually works is - whenever a new device connects to Google Play store for the first time. So whether its cellular signal or wifi, they count. Kindle Fire, forked andorid OS without google play store and many chinese phones etc who do not have google play store, don't count

IP IHI II IL says:

I don't understand why Scoble would post hear-say... He's a pretty knowledgeable guy, and I tend to trust what he says. I didn't see that comment, but I probably would have flipped my lid if I had... Glad it's not true!

shyamnat says:

Does anyone know how can I delete my AndroidCentral account? Spent a good deal of time but this looks like Hotel California.

TimmyB says:

You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.

mech1164 says:

Ok so now that we have the OFFICIAL DENIAL. We can expect him to leave the day after IO cause of the NDA he is under. :p

litlprince says:

I like it that Google doesn't go out of its want to promote how many users it has. I mean it know its on top no need to celebrate.

vinny jr says:

Andy Rubin is one cool guy. I think if Andy Rubin ever left Google it would be very hard to fill his shoes. Very happy that Mr Rubin is staying. Mr Rubin could you please help to get the HTC Rezound ICS. Google is the best.

Jerry you forgot to mention that these devices all have the Market/Play Store so Kindle Fire isn't included ... and yes I believe Wi-Fi devices do count.