Amazon MP3 app

Android's Amazon MP3 app has gotten an update, and if it's a good one if you have any promo or gift codes, which you can now enter to save yourself some dough.

You have to enter the code before you attempt to purchase a song or album. Press the menu button, the enter the settings, and you'll see the "Enter a claim code" option. Not the best way of doing things, but there you go. Update your app now, and there's a download link after the break if you need it.


Reader comments

Android's Amazon MP3 app updated to allow for gift/promo codes


Great addition to an already great application. I've purchased most of my music from and for a while.

Ever since I got my Evo I've been using the app.

I agree, this app starts up on its own and it bugs me. It's not available up here so I just wanted to delete it. I don't want to root my phone just for this, I don't see any benefits to do so.

This update also makes it that it won't start on its own if you uncheck the box that reads "Monitor connection". From there, all you need is to use Launcher Pro to hide it from your launcher, and you won't even know its there.

Now if they would just get the thing to stop jumping into memory at random intervals it would be great.

Yes I know its small, yes I know Android does great memory management, but I still don't want that thing jumping into memory and using my radio and my bandwidth and telling Amazon god knows what when ever it wants.