Android Wear and LG G Watch

As folks begin receiving their Android Wear watches from Google Play and other retailers, Google has finally opened up the official Android Wear setup app for everyone. The Android Wear app is your one-stop place for setting up your Android Wear device with your phone, administering apps and tweaking settings — just like the MyGlass app for Google Glass.

Of course the app doesn't do a whole lot if you haven't gotten your hands on an Android Wear device, though it does give you a link to the Play Store with a list of all available Android Wear-supporting apps. But if you have one of the first two Android Wear devices or are expecting one in the mail this week, be sure to grab the Android Wear app from Google Play so you're ready the minute that box arrives.


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Android Wear app now available for all in Google Play


LOL I got a little excited. I download the app for shits and giggles since I don't have a watch yet and my Toq showed up. I was like could some of the features work? Of course not. LOL. I really hope Qualcomm makes a Toq 2 Android Wear. Their screen may not be the best display, but this thing rocks always on and little impact on the battery. Great outdoor. I get so much compliments and questions about it. I would actually get that before the 360

Too bad I won't be using this app til late August when the 360 releases.

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Moto said 'later this Summer' but they did not say if that was Summer in the Americas or in China :)

Hopefully they're not talking about Summer in the Netherlands. Last one I've seen was at least ten years ago.

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I don't have a Wear device or plan on getting one for a little (money is a little tight) but I still installed it because I have the emulator running on my computer to test out code for some apps I'm making. Works perfectly with the emulator on my computer as intended.