Big news from Sonos and Google this morning, with the announcement that you can now stream Google Play Music on your Sonos system. Better yet, you don't even have to use the Sonos app to do it – though you absolutely can – since the functionality is being added right into the Google Play Music app for Android.

In Google Play Music, we’ve found a great partner to bring this vision to life for the first time on a global scale. Together, we’ve created a music experience that shows how media, devices, and sound can seamlessly work together in the home.

Tapping the Chromecast icon within the Play Music app should now bring up an option to stream to your various Sonos speakers as well as to any Chromecasts you have in your home. So if you live in Google Play Music, it's a completely seamless experience.

Give it a try, let us know how you like it!

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Android users can now stream directly to Sonos from Google Play Music


Yes finally!!! I was hoping this would happen once Beats and others had direct access. (I was using a 3rd party app for this (which worked but had a wonky connection)).

Sonos is really coming up. This is icing on the cake. I recently got a system after lusting over my parents one that they have had for a few years and within the last 2-3 years it has exploded.

Sweet!! I was using an app called Cast to UPnP/DNLA that does this flawlessly even letting me control my sonos from within Music app. I still use it to cast to my xbox while playing games. Cant wait to get home and try this out!

I was in the same boat. This is encouraging news. One would hope that means that the "Cast"ing protocols, or at very least it's paradigm, will be extended to other A/V vendors.

This is excellent news for the already excellent Sonos platform. Now if only the Canadian regulators would get their stuff together and allow all access into the country!

Thank You Jesus! You do answer prayers. Now, about that Amazon instant streaming app I mentioned, can't you smote somebody. You know the one. ;-)

Huh, I don't see my Sonos zones when I hit the Chromecast button (in Play Music). I just see my Chromecast. Is there something more I need to do?

When I connect play music in the sonos app it presented me with a code and a URL Google to authorise it. Maybe this why you can't see it in the cast menu?

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Did that. Sonos sees and plays my Google Music. But the Google Play Music app still doesn't see my Sonos components. Thanks though.

I had the same issue this morning. I uninstalled the updates to Google Play Music. It reinstalled the latest version automatically. When it did I saw my zones (rooms) with the Chromecast icon in Play Music.

This great news. I was having to use BubbleUPnP until now. I have just tried it using both the updated Sonos app and by casting directly from Play music and it works flawlessly. Yes!!

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Now this has me wondering if soon we will see other Chromecastable apps able to use the Sonos speakers for audio. I was a little bnummed to see that YouTube wasn't listed as sometimes I listen to music off there for live events/recordings.

Trigger will definitely be pulled, now that Google and Sonos have got together.

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Nice :) I hoped for normal integration in the Sonos app, but got even more than expected :) Got some Sonos speakers at work, but probably will get some at home now.

Yay! I had just ditched Google Music last month, in favor of Rdio, because I was tired of waiting around for Sonos support. Google let me re-up at my old $8/month subscriber rate, so as of today, Rdio is history.

I had missed my streaming music library sync, so this is a win win.

I'm lost as to why I would need a Sonos now... I've looked at them in the past, but the cost kept me at bay. Now I just plug in my Chromecast into my A/V system and all is good. This prevents me from having to purchase a second set of speakers (Sonos) that I didn't need, and I get the streaming I wanted to boot.

I thought the Chromecast would be the death of Sonos... and didn't think I'd see a partnership made between the two companies.

Love hearing this! Finally, I get to hear my entire music collection through my Sonos system and all the streaming stations I could possibly want. Hallelujah!!

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Such welcome news. I hardly use Google Music for lack of a good speaker to play it on, and we have this underused Sonos 3 as well. Now we're talking! Works fine from both Sonos and Google Play Music apps.

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