comScore Market Share

Samsung holds a strong first place in the Android manufacturer numbers with 22-percent of all mobile devices sold

Industry analyst comScore has just released its market share numbers for the U.S. mobile industry, reminding us that Android is still dominant in the states, as is Samsung when it comes to the sale of Android handsets. For the three month period spanning from the end of January to the end of April, Android's market share dipped slightly by 0.3-percentage points to 52-percent of the mobile market -- trailed by Apple at 39.2-percent, up 1.4-percentage points. Adding up to less than 10-percent together are BlackBerry, Microsoft and Symbian, naturally.

comScore Market Share

On the manufacturer side, Apple is still king in terms of individual manufacturer market share, naturally with 39.2-percent of the market (as it is the only manufacturer of iOS devices). Trailing notably is Samsung, with a solid 22-percent share, up 0.6-percentage points. Rounding out the top five are HTC (8.9-percent), Motorola (8.3-percent) and LG (6.7-percent), as you would expect. There should be no surprises here, as Samsung continues to take off as the leading manufacturer of Android devices in every shape, size, name and variation.

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Android US market share dips slightly, remains on top as of April 2013


And in other news, Windows holds a bigger marketshare than the Mac. Stupid articles like this make me despise modern tech journalism.

Maybe you should develop your own website and have your own minions to write about you and your own little world only. You stupid idiot!

I don't get how Apple is still growing... Honestly people still buy new iPhones? This is mind blowing for me, I'd be bored with iOS at this point.

Some people have drunk the kool aid and will never look at anything else, no matter how much better just about every Android phone really is, and they have really sad excuses to boot

There are still a very large number of people converting from a feature phone to their first smart phone, and Apple still picks up a lot of these users. I'd venture to say that Apple still sees a lot of growth there.

This along with enterprise adoption. We have about 300 mobile users on BYOD and close to 1/2 chose iPhone. I assume this trend will continue while Blackberry ceases to be the dominate platform in business.

I know a good number of people that since January have upgraded their Gingerbread Android phones to iPhones. Swearing off Android because of the horrors they faced in their experience with Gingerbread. Another possible area of growth for Apple could be users fed up with the lesser experience of their low cost Android phones and now they are up for their second smart phone upgrade and going to the iPhone. I will also add most of these people got the less expensive iPhone 4S.

nail on head. This is why i think iOS will pass android in another year or 2 sadly. The sheep numbers just dont lie. Once apple has you, the sheep dont bother changing cause it "just works" (good enough) for them. very sad IMO.

Apple may possibly pass Android in the US, but remember these numbers are before the release of the GS4 and One. Worldwide Apple doesn't have a chance of catching Android.

"Things are gonna get worse: Apple is working on a cheaper version of iPhone..."

^THIS---And yes, Apple does have a chance with a cheaper iPhone in the Asian market.

-- "Worldwide Apple doesn't have a chance of catching Android"

And what would happen if they don't catch Android?

While Apple is a distant 2nd place in market share... people still buy more than enough iPhones for Apple to keep their doors open.

And if 2nd place is so bad... God help Microsoft, Blackberry and others...

I'm starting to think that market share makes for a fancy headline... but little else.

Windows Phone could possibly gain alot of marketshare too; especially where people are fed up with Android but cannot afford an iPhone...

If the iPhone comes to my network, I'd consider it. And I have a GNex.


Sick of Google not launching services in Canada. Google Wallet still not in Canada. Apple Passbook is. Google Music has gone to All Access. Still not even Music Locker in Canada. Etc.

The "average user" could care less about the multitude of features that come with Android. For many the complexity of Android is a vice.

Add in that iPad rules the tablet roost and there's a lot of folks picking up iPhones because of the built in knowledge that comes from owning the iPad.

No new iPhone for almost a year, with dozens of awesome Android devices released since then and iOS is climbing, but Android is dropping? I'm calling BS.

No way more people are buying iPhones right now with the new one right around the corner. If they are, they're stupid.

Butt-hurt much? People are buying more iPhones, and that is a fact. Android will probably continue to fall, and Apple will increase, as it has been doing for a while.
I like both platforms, but there is something to be said for timely updates, and these updates go to most past models (sometimes with limitations), stable OS,great messaging functions like sending MMS without getting a "file too large" message, great camera, as much speed with a dual-core lower speed processor as most quad-core Android phones, and the still true saying of "it just works". Not to mention their unbeatable build quality, although the HTC One build quality is great.
And as updates go, rest assured that when iOS 7 is released, probably 95% of the iPhones that can get the update will have it within a week after release. Won't happen with Android, but that can be blamed on carriers and manufacturers.

The average user could care less about updates. Most don't even know that apps can be updated. It is mostly people like us who frequent sites like this who are even aware of update issues.

They don't care about updates per se. But people do care about features that come with updates. Especially when people around them start using that functionality.

Wow pappy55 your uninformed assclown iPhone couldn't even do mms when it came out or copy and paste apple lovers should be happy android came out other wise apple wouldn't have pushed anything new to play catch up

But it does MMS now, and does it better than Android. BTW, how can I have an uninformed iPhone? Punctuation is your friend!:)
But as I said, I like and use both platforms. For me, the iPhone does the best job at this time for what I use a smartphone for, which is texting, emails,camera,and phone calls. I don't know about music, but from what I have read, it is superior there, also.

Sad but true. The other issue with Android right now is you can completely forget having a good experience if you buy a mid range or low end phone. And even the high end ones have some issues.
Personally, from now on it's Nexus only for me.

iPhone sales have a very very very long tail. The iPhone 4 and 4S outsell the 5 in a dramatic amount because of their extremely low on-contract prices. Not everyone buys the newest model the first week it comes out, people walk into the store randomly and buy the phone that's cheap or they want right then, they don't care that a new ones coming.

My Gawd,
Apple is like the Borg Collective.. "Resistance is Futile You will be Assimilated"

One Superpower.. Standing up to Samsung, LG, HTC and Motorola Combined? The Apple Collective is Much Stronger than I had imagined..

I just knew I was going to transition from my Note 1 to a Note 3.. But now..

Maybe it's best I too get Assimilated.. And go with the iPhone 6..

*All Hail Apple...*

The Greatest Mortal Threat the Android World has ever faced.

Poor Microsoft. They can't make that number budge. It just proves how important timing is to a market. If they had come up with Windows Phone 8 in 2007, they would be the market leader. Instead, they are fighting for the scraps. I've been telling my friend who works at MS and has drunk the Kool-Aid, MS needs to do something radical and different if they want to gain any foothold. Making something that does what the existing big 2 do will not cut it. The same advice goes out to Blackberry. The future for both in the mobile space is dim unless they heed it.

Microsoft's market share increased to 5.7 percent of the US market. And in Europe they're doing even better. And WP does alot of things better than Android. Gee Android still lags even on phones with two qaud core CPUs! And don't tell me it's the UI overlay that causes it. It doesn't matter what causes it to the user. What matters is they are not always getting the out of box experience they paid for.

Where do you see that number? Even if true, 5.7 percent is pathetic especially when you take into account the amount of money Microsoft has poured into their mobile division.

My Nexus 4 has no lag and it only has one set of four CPUs. Anyway, people have shown time and again that they will forgo smoothness 100% of the time for more features and a thriving ecosystem. What exactly does Microsoft do "better" than Android? If you say "MS Office integration" then you should be slapped silly with a wet fish.

Well who can blame them for staying with iphone when Google gives them a reason not to by giving them just about all the apps and services that Android has. This is WP and BBry problem, no Google apps and services. Besides apps, itunes every new car has iphone/ipod integration, soon to have Siri, every stereo system, most headphones, clocks, docks, lots of accessories, etc. To take advantage of most of this stuff you need and I device.

Could it be perhaps there are just too many Android phone choices for the average consumer? Major manufacturers (especially Samsung) need to start focusing on quality, not quantity. Most low end android phones are utter garbage and put people of Android phones.

It's interesting that Symbian is flat. Assuming the market has grown, which it has each quarter for the last several years, one would conclude that Symbian sales have kept pace with market growth. That's not what's happening in the US, and probably worldwide. I think these market share surveys have too much error margin in them for single-digit percentage point changes.

Can we get May numbers in? Why is it taking so long to bring these data? I'm sure humans ain't counting it. Can't someone tell them to hurry up? What is this 1995?

And hello! It isn't like anything good came about in the U.S. from Jan to April. All we got is: LG finally delivering Nexus 4s and that didn't even help LG's numbers.. Of course good old informed Android loving folks were waiting to see what Samsung and HTC or even Google (@ I/O) were bringing next month or June.
Let's get some June or July numbers soon to see how Android is way ahead now!
Apple has nothing on us!!

I'd consider going iPhone. I am getting sick of being a second class citizen in Google's ecosystem.

Here in Canada, we don't have Google Wallet. Or Google Music. Or Google Offers.

At least I know that when Apple rolls out a service, it'll get here relatively quickly. And I also know that Google won't really keep anything exclusive on Android for very long. I could get Maps and Google Now on iOS.

This is interesting and all - certainly makes for fun reading in the comments from fanbois on both "sides" - but I'm more interested in the relative growth of the smartphone market overall. All of the platforms are claiming growth - ok maybe not symbian. Some are outpacing others, sure, but all of the platforms have the opportunity for tremendous success. My question is, "How quickly is the market growing?" Is it speeding up, slowing down, starting to flatten? etc.

Once market growth starts to flatten THEN these kinds of comparisons might have more significant meaning because they'll actually be fighting for a piece of the pie (so to speak). Right now it's an all you can eat buffet at the pie shop and these numbers only mean that one company eats pie a bit faster than others but they are all eating.