Samsung Armani Galaxy S commercial

A cute and classy commercial featuring everybody's favorite robot and the new Giorgio Armani version of the Samsung Galaxy S. Check out after the break. [YouTube via P@ssionMobile,]

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Too bad the designer droids haven't caught on here in america. Who knows maybe next year. Im sure the women love this commercial in England.

they can make a $7,000 phone, but they cant give us FroYo?! WHAT THE HELL!

neoman1314 says:

I agree! They can even give Canada FroYo, but not USA :/ WHERE IS THE LOVE?!

patrixl says:

I'm getting a Sharp Android phone in Japan, first smartphone tailor-made for the Japanese market. Wanna race to see who gets Froyo first? Sharp promised it for Spring 2011....

Jonneh says:

Which is it you're buying?

nivlac978 says:

I don't know if I'm legally prohibited from saying this as a man, but, that was adorable.

Saturn2K says:

Pfft, this ad is so racist. They put the Android guy in whiteface!

potatoho says:

WINK!!!! They've made him into the walmart smiley face.

mrjwalkerpre says:

Who answers (checks) their phone on the catwalk? Plus he's a bit THICK for a runway model don't you think? FAKE AND GAY!!!

lol Don't mind me, just trolling.