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These last few months have seen nearly exponential growth for Android as a platform, and we have seen the numbers to prove it. Now, new data has come out from InvestorPlace that shows Android is increasingly gaining mindshare along with marketshare. The numbers, shown above, show a 7 percentage point jump for Android purchase intent in September compared to back in June. This is a huge increase over September of 2009, when the number stood at just 6 percent.

In addition, consumer satisfaction with their Android devices remained high with 65 percent of users saying they were "very satisfied" with their Android phone. This is very competitive to the iPhone's score of 74 percent and blows away the next highest operating systems, Palm's webOS at 32 percent and RIM's BlackBerry OS at 31 percent. Jump past the link for more beautiful graphs and some hard numbers. [InvestorPlace]   


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Android reaches new high in purchase intentions


My vibrant is my fourth smartphone and my second android device. I am very satisfied with it and my g1. What's even more telling is that android attracts more of the power user than iphone, yet customer satisfaction is nearly as high.

I've only had the G2 for a couple days but I'm already in love with it. This is my first Android device and I was hesitant at first but I'm glad I made the jump from iOS. I like Android a lot more. Now I just need a suitable (Android powered) replacement for my iPad.

2nd this. I was a Palm/Treo user for 10 years (or so). Went to the EVO on opening day. Incredible piece of equipment. Light-years ahead of all that'd I ever had; and I consider myself very techie. Love this EVO!

More and more people are talking about how they cant wait to get their "DROID" whether they are talking about the VZW Droid line or another Andriod device. Give some props to Big Red for promoting the brand.

And my DINC is the most beautiful thing ever... so far.

gettin my Droid X 2 weeks from today and can't wait! Everybody thought the iPhone killer was gonna be a phone...turns out it's an OS!

That's the best I've heard someone put it... the Android OS is the iPhone killer...there will never be a perfect phone...but when an OS has an array of choices to fit every kind of can't use... I've gone through the g1...Samsung moment...and now I'm with the Evo.... and it fits my needs perfect... I did the bb thing for awhile but it got boring day in and day out... Android let's you basically change your whole phone around to make it feel like new whenever you want... I'm a guy and we seem to fall in love through our eyes before our

I agree. I might have to use

Android is doing something Win Mo couldnt, and doing it in an alarming rate. Ppl cant use the many Android phones excuse, look at Win Mo...Ppl cant use the different carriers excuse, look at Win Mo.

I just got the Fascinate, which is my 7th smartphone and 5th Android and I couldn't be happier with it. With each new device Android improves so much, I can't wait to see what's to come, once the tablet friendly Gingerbread comes out Android will have taken the # 1 spot from the i*hone!

Of course now comes the iPhone fanboys with excuses to "refute" the numbers like:
"My neighbors don't know anything about Android"
"It's only because the iPhone 4 buying period is over"
"No one in Europe's ever heard of Android"
"It's only because Android has more devices"
"But it's still got malware!"

I am very happy with my Samsung Epic 4G. I was a Palm Pre supporter from the beginning, however they have let me and a number of customers down with their lack luster performance in the market. Leaving Palm was hard for me but ended up being the best decision in the switching of platforms. Android is head and shoulder above ALL competition and will continue to be a leader in the field. With the strong developer support this platform has, I see many bright days ahead for the company and the consumer.

Exactly. The Epic is the first non-Palm phone I've had in 7 years. I absotively posolutely LOVE IT!!!

Wow, Palm is at 0. I'm glad I made the switch, my EVO and Android are more awesome than I imagined. I occasionally go to PreCentral to see if there is any news or updates (my old Pre went to my GF so i need to keep her up to date) but those guys are grasping at straws thinking Palm is gonna just come up with something that's going to blow everyone else away. That's a sinking ship I'm happy to have left.

ATT needs better Android selection and the numbers will continue to rise even more. Android needs GSM handsets that can be used worldwide, it's what helped Motorola way back when with the RAZR's.

Earlier this year, I was waiting for the iPhone to come out on Sprint or Verizon. When that didn't happen, I decided to go with the Epic 4G. Now, if I heard that the iPhone were to come out on another carrier, I would answer with "meh".

That was me after I got the Droid 1 earlier this year. I wanted an iPhone bad. That capacitive screen....

The Droid 1, Android made me wanting an iPhone a distant memory. Dont get me wrong, I wish my phone had some iPhone 4 features, but overall give me Android any day of the week.

I'm all for Android's growth and success but I'm calling shenanigans on this bar chart. None of the columns total to 100% seems a little fishy to me.

I thought that too, but then I realized they didn't include Symbian or non smartphones on the chart either. The survey probably had other options besides the ones in the graph.

i was a LONG time BB user and advocate... switched to android a year ago... 2nd android, the Evo, and i FRIGGEN LOVE MY PHONE!!!! EVERYONE I KNOW, knows that i have an android phone and that i try to convert them to it too!!