The Wall Street Journal Android app is heavy on news
— as long as you're a member of the club

Fans of the Wall Street Journal -- WSJ is what the kids call it these days -- take note: an Android app is finally here. And with it you can get all of the stories, video, photos, podcasts and stocks info you've come to rely on in more traditional (ie: old) formats like computers and that ancient newspaper thing.

And the WSJ app is a pretty darn good one. It's easy to navigate, with the sections clearly labeled. Stories are easy to read, though we'd prefer to see some spacing between paragraphs. (Yeah, we're picky about our formatting.) And photos are vibrant, with easy-to-read captions.

One catch: If you're not a WSJ subscriber, you might as well go elsewhere. You're basically dead in the water if you're not logged in, and even then there's a mountain of content you still can't access without some higher-level subscription -- and possibly a secret handshake.

So that's that. A nice news app from a great news organization -- just make sure you're a subscriber. The app itself is free; download links are after the break.


Reader comments

Android Quick App: WSJ


Got it. But I have a subscription and I am having many of the same problems as others reported on the market site. I cannot access the subscriber content.

Thanks Phil.
I have been waiting for this, since hearing of 'The Daily' going to iOS. It's been a long time coming. The WSJ is the best, and most trusted News source.
I got it now on my Fascinate, but it's not showing up for my Galaxy 10.1 Tablet? Argg... By the way, that sure is a sick phone you got there! I'm not willing to go 'there' to get it though ; - )

Try the "Wall Street Reader" which is faster, provides the same subscriber content, but does not require you to signup for mobile subscription. It lets you use only your login. Save yourself $52 a year!