If you're still searching for the most detailed weather app in the Market, I introduce you to WeatherPro by MeteoGroup. WeatherPro is both an aesthetically appealing app that's just rife with anything you could need to know about the weather in your area.

WeatherPro offers a full weekly forecast as well as breakdowns of each day in three hour intervals. It also gives you important information like wind direction and speed, chance for precipitation, and air pressure. If you're so inclined, you can also find sunrise and sunset times in the app as well.

MeteoGroup gives you not only the opportunity to pick a city from a list of popular destinations, but also lets you search for a city by name to get weather information about. I was definitely curious how Austin only felt like 50 degrees, but when I added the state, bingo, right up in the triple digits where we belong.

WeatherPro is packing both radar and satellite view, which, after loading, animate for you on screen. Your selected city is shown as a red dot. It's a really cool feature, especially if you want to see a storm's position in relation to your location.

Perhaps the most advanced part of the app (and the part that'll make you feel like a meteorologist) are the graphs that show your weekly forecast in line and bar graph form. The graphs include temperature, precipitation risk, pressure, sunshine duration, humidity, and wind conditions. They're pretty wild to look at, and once you've mastered reading them, you can appreciate how amazing it is that things of this caliber are included in an app.

The settings menu lets you pick your measurement system of choice, so people around the world can get the weather in their preferred system. There are also three widgets included, so you can always be up-to-date without opening the app.

WeatherPro weighs in at around $3.58, but if you like what you see, it's definitely a worthy investment. Download links and more pictures are after the break.






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Android Quick App: WeatherPro


But more importantly, does it actually notify weather alerts? I have yet to find one that notifies correctly and promptly.

Weather Bug Elite does a good job for me, except that with the Gingerbread update on my Evo it now cuts the alert off at 2 lines of text.

If you really want good weather alerts, have them sent to email tied to your phone. This item from My Cast is free and works great, and I frequently get weather alerts before my weather radio goes off!

Also, for everyone looking for a good radar app search for PYKL3 in the Market. It is the best high end radar app I have found thus far. This is for those that want to storm watch/spot/chase, etc.

This looks like a great program. Unfortunately, I can't buy it. (My credit card doesn't work outside the U.S. because of Credit Union rules and the Android Market doesn't take PayPal as a payment option.)

Terrible recommendation. Weather isn't even close to correct. 95 was the high here today and it's pouring rain (severe thunderstorms). Weather Pro says high of 83 and 4% chance of rain. Also, doesn't work with notification bar like Weather Bug Elite. Unfortunately I waited 17 minutes to try to refund. I really HATE the android market when it comes to refunds. I usually don't try an app unless it has a free option. This hurts some app builders. 15 minutes is freaking ridiculous, how would 1 hour hurt?

It's better than nothing which is what you get from Amazon or Apple. I'm with you on not buying an app un;ess there's also a trial version as well.

Agreed, although I think 24 hours is more appropriate, since that's the amount of time it usually takes to realize if somethings taxing your battery big time. 15 minutes is barely enough time to even see what an app does.

In terms of weather alerts and giving you information you need to make potential life saving decisions, I find the options are limited in the market. In a sense that the apps containing such feature is usually secondary.
The apps developed for alerts alone seem like they have need more features and more details.

Soon, there will be an app in the market that's your own severe weather expert. Giving you severe weather information that pertas to you.
The best part, it will be free. A paid version will only include additional features that won't be necessary information that effects any dangerous weather situation you may be faced with.

Not bad but the radar and satellite stink as thy don't zoom in well, not much use other than in view showing entire country...

I'm a weather nut, so I've tried out just about every weather app out there, both paid and free. I have to say this one is pretty much worthless. This app doesn't give you anything that the free apps don't give you, and the radar is absolutely horrible. Don't waste your money.

Weather Bug Elite is my current favorite on my EVO. Nice widget, radar and multiple city support plus a great UI.

Ive been using MyCast for years on verious devices and couldnt wait for itto come out for android last year because it outpaces all others. I work construction and use radar alot. The radar is zoomable and very easy to read and loops. It has the broken down forcasts with graphs and rarely ever has problems. Weather bug is awefull compaired to it. It only lacks a widget feature.

I like Weather Bug Elite though I'm using MyCast more and more. The radar on MyCast loads faster and is more reliable, but only has 3 zoom levels. But the zoom levels seem to fill my needs. MyCast has good forecast graphs. No one can forecast the weather to a 3 hour period 7 days out. Weather Bug Elite's radar sometimes doesn't load, seems to be a server bandwidth problem.