Videocam Illusion

Videocam Illusion for Android is a camera effects application that works with the video camera on your Android phone.  We've seen similar apps that manipulate still pictures, and while they're really fun and useful, Videocam Illusion takes it to the next level by adding effects on-the-fly to live video you shoot from your phone.  You can shoot up to 480p (720x480) video through the app, and the free version has four filters, four effects, and two masks to choose from.  You can also shoot video at 1.33x speed. 

The paid version has 18 filters, 13 effects, six masks, and your choice of five different recording speeds.  They both work really well, saving the video to your SD card in .mov format for easy playback on your computer.  And since stock Android doesn't playback .mov files, the Videocam Illusion app includes a player to preview -- and show off -- your masterpiece.  There's a video demo, some screenshots, as well as the download link for the free version after the break. 


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Android Quick App: Videocam Illusion


If I'm not terribly mistaken, MOV is proprietary and Apple is a bit stingy with who they allow to implement it. Hmm... Apple keeping draconian control over things... who'da thunk it? ;)

Installed on EVO. It appears to have better audio (higher sampling rate) than the stock vid recorder, whichbis very.welcomed.