Systerac Memory Cleaner

We like easy around here.  Too much of what we do every day is far from easy, so when something comes along that does what it's supposed to do without a lot of futzing around, we're gonna share it with you guys.  Systerac Memory Cleaner fits the bill nicely.  What it does -- and all it does -- is clean up the cache from things like the browser with a single click.  That means it's a great way to free up some space on your phone when and if you need to.

The free version only cleans browser and search cache, and oddly enough that's what I like about it the most.  No settings to fool with and you can zap that browser cache away with a click.  The browser on Android, or any other mobile device (or even your computer) stores a lot of data that you may never need again.  That data can build up, and we all know there are times when we'd rather have 10 or 20 MB of space back instead of having application cache eating it up.  Systerac Memory Cleaner can clear it all out for you, no root needed, no digging in app settings.  The app is 84k in size, and can be moved to the SD card.  Sounds like a very fair trade.

Some of us might want something with a few more settings instead of just a simple click and clean.  The Pro (read paid) version cleans up just about everything that can be safely cleaned -- and again without needing root permissions.  Market cache, cache from any app, Maps, call logs, it does it all, and includes a simple widget for one click access.  Of course there are other apps out there that do the same thing, but the paid version is only €0.50, or about $0.72 US -- we like saving money almost as much as easy.  It works with any Android device running 1.6 or higher, and doesn't have any screwey permissions.  Give it a look -- the link to the free version and a couple screen shots are after the break.

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Android Quick App: Systerac Memory Cleaner


Doesn't browse cache live in microSD space too?

This seems counter productive if so.

A refetch of even a few pages elements is dramatically slower than a cache search.

Load AC main page.
Close browser.
Load main page again and measure load times. Repeat the reload a few times and get average.

Now clear cache and measure again.

Like task killers, cache management is something best left to the well tested and optimized browser, rather than the brute force of a utility.

If your microSD card is full, well then you might gain some temporary space this way.

If browser cache lives in main memory, then I'm all wet here.

Browser cache definitely lives in main memory -- I'm always having to clear it in the Settings on my Nexus One.

Dolphin Browser Mini allows setting Cache to microSD card.

But I don't understand why you have to clear browser cache. The system manages that quite well by itself, limiting the cache size, and purging old items.

Determines how much can be cleaned, but when I hit the "clean" button, it just repeats the detection mode again and provides the same result. Refunded.

Be very careful what you select if you get the Pro version: I didn't see that it is set to automatically wipe out all of your text messages. I just lost all of my threads. : \ It did work well on an unrooted N1 though.