Riptide GP for Tegra 2 devices

NVIDIA's Tegra 2 chipset -- you know it on devices such as the Motorola Xoom, LG Optimus 2X and a wealth of other new top-end sets -- has quickly solidified its place as the go-to chipset for gaming on Android. And NVIDIA's been showcasing Tegra 2-optimized applications in its own TegraZone app.

One app that's been teased the past couple months is Riptide GP. It's a graphically beautiful racing game. You're on a souped-up Jet Ski on a slick man-made track. You compete against other riders and can perform tricks to earn pin-your-ears-back speed boosts. The graphics are pretty stunning considering you're on a mobile device. The game flies on a 4-inch screen, but it's on the larger ones (we used the Motorola Xoom) where it really shines.

The only problem is that gameplay is so fast you don't have much of a chance to appreciate the subtle shading in the water, or the landscape, or the giant Android robot banners. Have someone else play and peek over their shoulder. You'll see what we're talking about. 

But enough talk. Check out our demo of Riptide GP after the break.

Youtube link for mobile viewing
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nttdemented says:

Nice! Best looking racing game I've seen for Android. Makes me want my Transformer even more! :)

kinster02 says:

Don't have a tablet yet but it looks nice...waiting for the Gtab 8.9.

Is this out?

dsignori says:

Might have been nice to note that this game is not actually available until "May 2011" per the Tegra Zone app. Kind of an important point ..

bespinct says:

Does the Viewsonic G-Tablet count as a Tegra 2 device? I've wooted and would love to show that off!

TenshiNo says:

Yes, the G-Tablet is running a Tegra 2 CPU, but the game does make mention of "Honeycomb", which you're not going to be able to get for the G-Tablet. Currently, the most recent custom ROMs for the device are only on Gingerbread (Android 2.3), like pretty much everyone else. So, if this game *requires* Honeycomb (Android 3.0) to run, there will be no G-Tablet love in the immediate future. There's a good chance this won't be a requirement, since there are several Tegra 2 phones out now and more coming out with the next few weeks that won't be running Honeycomb and I can't imagine the developer leaving these guys, ahem, dead in the water :)

frankrey says:


grindking says:

yes the gtab is a tegra2 device :D, no the game isn't out yet :(. on top of that, it's kind of annoying some of the games listed on the tegra zone as coming out apr 2011, HURRY UP!!! I want that wipeout clone and some others, i bought my first train set just for fun as well hehe

Jonneh says:

how do you like "my 1st train set"? is it worth the money?