Pulse Version 2.0

The Pulse news reader has long been one of our favorite -- and more graphically pleasing -- ways to crank through news. While it might not be the best way to sort through hundreds of hundreds or RSS feeds (what, you think this job is easy), if you want a great experience reading a couple dozen, you can't beat it.

And Pulse just got even better in Version 2.0. The UI has been divided into "pages" (or think of them as tabs if you want). There's a bunch of preloaded content, and a couple blank pages, and you can customize things to you heart's content.

And new for us Android users is an entire section of Android news. Not that you'll need more than the Android Central feed, of course. Check out our hands-on and get download links after the break.

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Big Z says:

I'm personally not a fan of the update. You can't delete pages, and the vertical scrolling doesn't work righ (scrolls horizontal unless you do it JUUUUSt right).

kenyee says:

Glad it's not just me seeing this. I like the upgrade except for this scroll left/right thing that causes the entire article to reload and lose my scrollbar position :-P

BrianTufo says:

I'm enjoying this app. You can login to your google reader account and have your RSS feeds incorporated into the pages. Great features!

serpico says:

Does it sync your read/unread items with Google Reader? If so, I may use this instead and add my social feeds too. One app is better than 3!

BrianTufo says:

I'm not sure about that but I doubt it. I haven't found a good Google Reader app yet. Not a fan of News Rob or GReader.

serpico says:

I use Google Reader because it seems to be the best right now. The fonts are pretty big though. :)

icebike says:

I just use the Google web app for Google Reader. No need of any app at all. Since many feeds have links i end up in the browser anyway so I just use the web page.

When the Google Reader app gets app2sd capability i might revisit it.

E_man says:

Try JustReader. I use it, and it's pretty good. I moved to it from newsrob and the official google reader app.

Have you tried GoodNews? It's new, it's free and it's getting better with each release.

To be fair I should state that I'm the developer ;-)

FreudSlipped says:

My most used app.

jhotmann says:

I was a longtime pulse user...I switched a week or so ago to "My Taptu" because it had the ability to combine feeds into categories and pulse didnt...now that pulse has categories its tempting but I think I'll stick to my taptu because I like how the categories are implemented more than pulse

Mobius360 says:

Use Pulse all the time, probably my top 3 in use of apps.
For those looking for something similar if Pulse isn't quite your cup of tea try My Taptu.

slinky317 says:

10:15am and that battery is already below 50%. Must be a Thunderbolt!

BrianTufo says:

lol classic

12:31pm and 80% batttery here with my TBolt.

I think this application looks pretty good on the XOOM too.

tim242 says:

If only Pulse didn't run a huge background service...even with updating disabled. No thanks!

cirrob says:

Pulse web based rendering was shitty to say the lleast. Pinch to zoom would zoom out, unpinch to zoom would zoom out, double tap to zoom would zoom out. Before you knew it you were staring at microscopic text. Its a horrible app so I switched to the best one out there that also does pod cast: beyond pod

sml5381 says:

Pulse is my number one used app to get my android news. #cirrob i agree the web based articles are miserable so i used used the open in browser option

E_man says:

Just want to say. I tried it. This syncs with Google Reader both ways! That means articles that you read on pulse are marked read on google reader (on next sync).

Hello new primary news reader!

I used to love Pulse, but I now I'm rocking My Taptu. I like the light user interface; Pulse is too dark for my tastes.

McLovin823 says:

I like the new update, if not simply because of the aesthetics. I like having the different pages, which you can title individually for organizing your feeds. I do agree, however, that side scrolling has to be done just right to get it to work. Def a step in the right direction. Who has less than 25 feeds, anyways? Am going to try Taptu as the previous person mentioned...