Blu-rays these days are becoming more and more prevalent. People love watching movies in HD. Heck, even grandma is playing movies in 1080p these days. Not only do these viewers love their high definition media, they enjoy all the cool things they can do while accessing the movie's online content via BD Live. The pocket BLU app, created by Deluxe Digital Studios, is an app that allows owners of new Universal (the movie studio) Blu-ray discs, to access most of the disc's extra movie content on the go. It also makes for a decent Blu-ray player remote control. Not bad for a free app, right? Make the jump to see the app in video form.


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Android Quick App: pocket BLU [video]


Scott Pilgrim is such a great movie. I assume that you have to connect the phone to the same wifi network as the BluRay player?

I could be wrong (I've only used this with my PS3) but I'm pretty sure it is platform agnostic.

I used this app back when I had an iPhone and it worked I was pleasantly surprised to find that app was also on the Android Market when I got my DX shortly after launch. When it works, it works pretty much flawlessly but it is a shame that it only works with Universal Blurays though :( This needs to be a standard for all Bluray movies.

The pocket blu app yes works through Wi-Fi though once you have used the app with a blu ray movie, for example Scott Pilgrim vs The World, some of the bonus features can be watched on your phone no matter where you are as long as you have a data connection of some kind, its really handy, I just hope other studios jump on so we can have a great remote for a blu ray movies and watch bonus features or hopefully one day full movies on our android phones