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Here's another Tegra 2-optimized game that's coming down the pike. Pinball HD is, well, it's a pinball game. It's a pinball game with some extremely fluid and intricate graphics. But at the end of the day, it's a pinball game. And that's not a bad thing -- it's pinball's simplicity that's allowed it to span the decades.

Anyohoo. Pinball HD has a trio of tables, and those tables have story lines. Unfortunately in our review edition the story lines either were missing or unplayable in demo mode. But you'll get the idea.

We've gone back and forth on whether we prefer Pinball HD on a tablet or a phone. Obviously you'll get a different experience on a 10-inch device compared to a 4-inch device. But PinBall HD runs flawlessly on either, a testament to the Tegra 2 platform, and it's a game you should check out when it becomes available in the coming weeks.


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Android Quick App: Pinball HD for NVIDIA Tegra 2-optimized devices


It is only for Tegra 2 Devices so the Galaxy S wont be able to run it, but Pinball Deluxe is really good and is free.

yeah I already have Pinball Deluxe, and even though it is a very good game it's not a fully 3d board like this game here. The fragmentation really sucks that even a Galaxy S would not able to run it even though I'm sure it can handle the graphics.