Feed the Gorilla!

One of the first apps I downloaded on my tablet was the TegraZone, a special app browser developed by NVIDIA to showcase applications that were optimized for its Tegra II chipset.  Sure, I have my tower defense games and angry birds, but I wanted to see what an "optimized" game would look like on my Tab's massive screen.

Pinball HD was published by NVIDIA to show off the graphics power of their Tegra 2 processor, and it shows.  The colors are vibrant and there are a ton of little animations shown in that seem to exist just because they make the game nicer to look at.  My favorite board is the Jungle, because if you can aim the ball just right, the Gorilla will pick it up and pound his chest before throwing it back on the board.  Each board has a special animation to fit the theme, but I like "Big Kong" the best.

As far as actual gameplay goes, it performs how you would expect it to.  You tap the right side of the screen to move the right toggle, and do the opposite for the left.  Response time was fast, and the sounds seemed in sync with what was happening on the screen.  One nice feature is that if you swipe with two fingers, the game will zoom out to show the entire board instead of following the ball with a camera.  I found it a lot easier to play this way, though others might enjoy the added detail that the camera view provides.

Much like a regular pinball game, I found myself greeted with the game over screen a lot faster than I expected, but this was due to my lack of skill more than any problems with the controls.  When a game ends, you're given the option to input your name so that your score can be listed on your devices high score board as well as a leader board for other players who have the game installed.

Pinball HD is a fun game with great graphics and pretty addictive game play.  At $2.99, it's also one of the least expensive optimized games for Tegra 2 devices.  If you're looking for a great time waster, or if you're training to be the next wizard, give Pinball HD a try.  Additional screenshots and download link after the break.

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Android Quick App: Pinball HD for Tegra 2


Is there a version of this for single-core phones? I really want it on my Droid Incredible, I got all 3 when they were separate apps on my iPod Touch a while back

Thanks to whoever replied to this talking about a Fascinate, I got it working great! A little laggy at 806 MHz, but w/e

I ran this game side by side on a GT 10.1 and iPad2. Surprisingly the color and smoothness of the iPad2 blew the Sammy out of the water. Even my wife, who can't tell the difference between hi-def and regular tv noticed the difference.

I found the ball mechanics to be mediocre. If you want a good pinball game, save your money and wait for Zen Pinball to come out. Solid machanics on their PS3 and XBox version.

What going on with the screenshots? If you tilt the game in portrait mode shouldn't the notification bar move to the bottom of the screen where the flappers are?

Well, menno, thanks for introducing my new time waster. Now I have to play pinball and Galaxy on Fire 2. Ya know the towers in Field Runners HD aren't going to set themselves and the pigs aren't going to just stop harassing the birds. So many priorities, so little time.