Phantom Probes is a physics-based psuedo-puzzle game that's all about using various probes (get your mind out of the gutter, guys!) to determine what shape an invisible shape actually is. If that sounds kind of boggling or confusing, you'll quickly understand why I included a reference video.

Despite the confusing description, this is actually a really fun game to play. Every level gives you three probes to use as well as three shapes to choose from when you think you've nailed the phantom shape's shape. The probes vary from level to level, as does the complexity of the shape's you're trying to predict.

From my experience (see: Level 2 in the video), the shape also is randomly chosen every level, so you can't just hammer your way through, guessing the shapes through a process of elimination to try and get a high ranking before moving onto the next level. To me, that's rather genius, cause it keeps you working to try and advance.

The attention to detail in Phantom Probes is worth mentioning, too, as some of the probes are absolutely brilliant for discerning what you're looking for. The weird, brown, wrap-around thing from Level 2 and the sonar wave from Level 4 both come to mind. Bubbles rising up from the bottom of the screen or paper clips and bullets bouncing off in all directions, it's really creative and keeps the game fresh.

There's a free version of Phantom Probes in the Market that lets you play the first 10 levels, and for a mere 99 cents, you're granted access to the full 50 levels this bad boy offers. If you're into mind benders and logic games, I wouldn't hesitate to hop on the Phantom Probes bandwagon. As always, download links and QR code is after the break.



Reader comments

Android Quick App: Phantom Probes


Wow, interesting except you show most of the first 10 levels in your youtube video...kinda takes the motivation to just download the trial version....

Addendum: Well, the shapes do change I you do have to keep guessing each time....

I finally found the free version by searching for PHANTOM PROBES. The first time i only found the paid version when i took the auto complete suggestion...

Tried several methods to locate the free version on the Market but only the paid version is showing up.

Update - never mind, working fine now =/

Person in the video is not good at that game lol.
Should have initially rotated left in level 2 once you saw the dip in the middle instead of going the long way round and not getting anything conclusive about the shape.