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OK, all you pilots, wannabe pilots, airplane buffs, frequent flyers, ATCs, FAs, FOs, PAX and others. If you've  ever wondered what goes on between the tower and all those planes on the ground and in the air, there's an app for that. It's actually a continuation of the website, packaged up nice and neat for your smartphone.

You'll have quick access to dozens of air traffic control frequencies, you can check the radar at the various fields, and see technical schematics of the runways. It's kinda cool, but we're not so sure it's $2.99 worth of cool.

If you wanna give it a go, download links are after the break.

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Considering I use the full site just about every day, I went ahead and pulled the trigger. It's not too bad...especially since our airport is one that the Presidential 747 uses for Touch and Go's on a regular basis, it will be nice to know when it's around! :)

heresy_fnord says:

Well, you do realize you're now a terrorist right? Monitoring the Presidents activities and all...

icebike says:

I also like how he refers to a fleet of planes as "it".

IceDree says:

Indeed , After that being said
I won't be surprised if a bunch of Black Supurbans showed up at his neighborhood
& a Tactical team showed up at his house

You guys are hilarious. When his plane comes, it makes the news and draws a huge crowd. It's pretty amazing. And I say it because only one comes at a, its not like its the whole fleet.

ademus says:


I use their website via my PC - never tried it with the browser on my phone... hmm, incoming test.

update: yep, LiveATC works through Dolphin HD on my Droid Inc... sitting in the Pacific North WET listening to KMCO Orlando, Florida.
Paid app is a non-starter.

TBolt says:

of course, buying the app to help support LiveATC is a good thing. please pay the few bucks.

TBolt says:

so glad LiveATC has an Android app now. awesome.

petaf says:

I gladly paid for this app. Very cool.

Wanda says:

Just to be clear, this app is not for pilots...maybe a student pilot trying to learn the phraseology. As a pilot I spend all day listening to this on the radio's for real. I definitely don't want to listen to it in my off time and I certainly wouldn't try to fall asleep to it. 3 bucks, sorry don't think so.

bluelite#AC says:

What keyboard are you using? Is that stock?
Those buttons seem bigger, better for my fat fingers.

xgunther says:

Just use the browser and navigate to Free that way.