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Here's one for all you Lego geeks out there (which includes us, of course). The popular Creationary game has come to Android. Like the traditional board game, the premise is simple: Roll a die and get a category. Then start building, and your opponents have to guess what you're building.

This actually is a little harder than it sounds. The game gives you four objects from which to guess. But as the Lego form takes shape, you'll find that it's really a rough design compared to the example picture. The quicker you identify what's being built, the more points you get. Choosing poorly ends the game.

The game's surprisingly fun, and, best of all, it's free. We've got download links after the break.


Reader comments

Android kids app: Lego Creationary


It's not too bad on my EVO 4G. My only complaint is that the back button doesn't work and it doesn't have any clear way to exit the game other than hitting the home button, but otherwise I do like it. :)

I wanted to mess with it. Downloaded; installed; started app. Runs for 3 seconds and crashes. Every time. I don't feel like trying to redownload 16mb right now. Nexus S 4g.