Launcher7 for Android

Apparently some crazy fool went and shared this picture on Twitter and, no, we haven't jumped ship to Windows Phone 7. But that doesn't mean we can't have a little fun with it.

What you see here is the Launcher7 homescreen/launcher replacement app. And it's pretty darn good. You basically have two panes. On the left are the hallmark tiles that serve as application icons. By default you have phone, messaging, internet, gmail, music, Market, contacts and HD Video (gallery).

Flip over to the right-hand pane, and you get a list of all your installed apps.

There are a few basic settings, including tile color, and whether you want them to "fly" in or fade in. Font support apparently is in the works, too.

It's a cool little launcher replacement, and it's no secret that we're impressed by what Microsoft's done with the Metro UI in WP7, and the free Launcher7 is an interesting recreation. Now if only it could get me some Zune Pass on Android. ... We've got a video demo and download links after the break. Check 'em out.

ps: Note that you have to have an HDPI (high-res, basically) screen for this app.


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Android Quick-App: Launcher7


wanted to try it since i'm a fan of Zune....but alas another shortcoming of the cliq...screen is too small and i don't see a way of resizing the application to fit =[ looks cool though

this works great, but my screem resolution is too lov... i can only see one and a half tile... any solution to this problem?

Metro UI app in the market is significantly better especialy if you get the pro version. It doesn't matter what screen/resolution size you have plus it has more live tiles and it runs smoother and cleaner.

just my opinion but the WP7 UI is about the ugliest I have ever seen. It's got no class, nothing unique looking. Looks like my daughters blocks she played with. Every time I see it I imagine a toddler designed it.

I 100% agree. I've always thought the WP7 looked terrible! I remember being super excited for it when it was coming out and then I saw it...
There's too much wasted space. I think it look unfinished.

I think i would like this as an alternative to Car home.. CM7 Evo car home app not supported (to my knowledge). Similar design and functionality.

Completely agree with Phil. Metro UI app runs much smoother and the developer has been constantly updating it. Maybe the Launcher7 developer has been updating a lot too, not sure, but if you try Metro UI pro, you'll be very happy.

Because you don't have to squint at the screen to see the status of all the major functions of the device. Android is fine, this is better for glancing at your phone and going. Sometimes you don't need 100 billion icons on your screen.

*rolls eyes* They have military time for the calendar item, no way the change AFAICT. Other then that nice app. Installed and using it. Yes its not flashy. Not looking for flashy I'm looking for functional. Its why I got android over an iPhone to begin with.

Lol i've been waiting for the android fanboys and their response to this app to get a laugh or two

me being a windows phone & Android fangirl, i definitely love the fact that is on my phone and it works very well. Fun & attractive UI on very capable hardware.

Will be checking out Metro UI soon

I put this on my Hero running AOSP CM7, OC'd to 691MHz & it's great. Both the Flip & Fade animations are smooth.

Runs fine on my Optimus V with Zefie's CM7 nightly Rom, OC'd to 748MHz. No issues. I'm pretty sure my phone isn't a high rez screen.

Got both launchers to try out. Pretty simple but not bad. Only thing is, in metro ui you have no drop down notification screen. Deal breaker! Back to launcher pro with Widgets.

I just picked this up in the market after reading this post. And this is one thing I absolutely love about Android. ATM, I'm really digging the simplicity of this launcher. And at this very moment, I can have that. But tomorrow, or maybe an hour from now, I'll want my LauncherPro and that's when I click a button and switch back.

Anyone know what number is assigned to the default blue color that the app starts out with before you start tinkering it? You can customize the app color to pretty much anything you like, but there is no way to restore to the default. All of the colors get assigned a number in the color palate. Thanks!