New on the Market from Hyperbees, JellyBalls is a simple ball popping game with a very cool twist.  Rotating your Android phone changes the direction the new balls drop from.  It's funny how a small change like that makes such a difference in the gameplay.  JellyBalls includes five different gameplay modes, uses Scoreloop for a global online leaderboard (hit me up: gbhil), and has a groovy soundtrack.  I'm really loving the new breed of easy, time filler games on Android, and this one's a perfect fit.  If I can wrestle it away from my wife, that is.  Grab it from the Market for £ 0.99 (about $1.50 USD).

If you're into casual gaming like I am, you'll like JellyBalls.  Check out the video, and download links after the break. Thanks Tom!


YouTube link for mobile viewing

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newboyx says:

I had a friend whose nickname was Jelly Balls. Thanks for the review. I will check it out.

storino03 says:

and that friend was me.

jelly roll says:

Still no jellycar :-(

A bubble pop game for 1.50? No thanks

crxssi says:

This is not a new concept. Look up the free "bebbled" game instead. It doesn't rotate in 4 ways, only 2... but it even "slides in" stacks from the side when you clear matches.

kevlars9 says:

Hey Jerry, what weather widget/ skin is that?

Beautiful widgets. Skin is available from the BW app.

kevlars9 says:

Nice, thanks man