Any woman can tell you, tracking your monthly cycle is not the most fun thing ever. Trying to plan around it can be a real pain, and let's just be honest, it's really not the easiest thing to stay on top of. We have enough going on in our daily lives without having to stop and try to calculate if today is an especially good day to get pregnant or if that spontaneous weekend trip is going to be hindered by mother nature. Intimity is a new app aimed to make it all effortless, so that with a glance at your screen, you can tell what your body is planning for you.

Getting started is pretty simple. Simply input a few dates and indicate if you are trying to get pregnant or not, and the app does the rest for you. The main screen shows the current date, the day of your cycle you're on, and if it's a fertile, not fertile, or ovulation day. It was funny to me that the picture of the girl changes depending on those circumstances; if you're not trying to conceive, on fertile days she's dressed very prim and proper, and on non-fertile days she's ready to party - and vice versa if you are trying to conceive. Options at the bottom of this screen take you to view a monthly calendar that is in the shape of a flower with many petals. Spin the flower to choose a date, and you can enter notes, weight, mood and other details. You can even view statistics about your cycles and be notified when it's time to take birth control.

All in all Intimity is a handy app that takes much of the guess work out of at least this aspect of being a woman. Whether you're trying to get pregnant, or trying NOT to get pregnant, this app can be a great tool to use. You can grab it in the Android Market for $1.35. Download links and screenshots are after the break!

Intimity   Intimity

Intimity  Intimity


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Android Quick App: Intimity - For the ladies


I can see this app being useful for guys too. If the app would let you sync up with your lady friends app counterpart and then you could know beforehand if diner out for two is worth it or not. Cause maybe poker night is the better choice. It would also help explain mood swings and let you know when to steer clear.

I have to admit, I use the Days Left Widget for exactly these same reasons as a guy. It's more subtle than having a whole app... and instead of counting down... I start the clock on the day her cycle starts, and let it COUNT UP...

It helps me keep track of not only of the dates when she may need a little more attention... but also lets me know when we're getting close to the more moody danger zone dates, when it's the perfect time around Day 24-25 to just come home without warning with a box of chocolates or flowers, perfect for righting the listing ship...

Wow what a retarded comment. OK first off having dinner with someone is always worth if, even if its their period or not. ASK them if they want to go out. If they are feeling particularly shitty they will tell you no. Its that whole communication thing...I know, really a hard concept.

Secondly and I don't get why other guys can't get this. The mood swings. Here's a thought. Try empathizing, trying asking is there anything you can do to at least make things a little more tolerable. Ask how bad it is and let her know that she may be feeling like shit, but you are there for her, instead of just steering clear.
Don't treat women as if this is something to be ignored by guys. Yah it may make most guys uncomfortable thinking and dealing with it, do you think its sunshine and lollipops for women? That said also don't treat it as if OMG!!! NEED TO DO SOMETHING FOR HER NAO!!! Don't make a big deal over it, but don't ignore it either. And yah I am a guy, who grew up in a houseful of women. This kinda thing doesn't bug me. Its biology, nothing more. have been trolled.

Lighten up and learn to spot the sarcasm and humor.

...are you sure you are a guy?

@I_Am_Incredible lol, the app should come with a "Charm-like" device that, when inserted in the appropriate location, automatically syncs the app for you.

I don't know about that. She might put the thing on vibrate and then when someone calls her it's all over and she won't be in the mood.

Interesting app, I am glad my nice girl uses the long term pill so doesn't need to worry so much about that aspect.

Have the developer make the same app, but for men, complete with warnings, alarms, whistles, reminders, pop-ups, notifications, red alerts, texts, emails and automated phone messages that will let us know when we need to go to DEFCON 5. It can be in a scientific chart layout, with color-coded days for Happy Times and Danger Days.

We can call it the Periodic Table...

OMG, that is the funniest thing I have read. Thank you Sir, I had a very bad day today at work until I read your post.

Just when you tell yourself there isn't an app for that.. I turn to Android Central Quick App... And behold.. There is an app for that!... Great read.. Have to tell the wife about it in the morning....

My wife uses a free app called "My Days" from the Market. It seems to do a lot of the same stuff, but it's less complex. You just enter when the monthly visitor starts each time, and it keeps track of when you're fertile with a green patch of days you can easily see on it's month-view calendar, and it lets you know about when the next cycle will start/end. (never sure what you consider start and what is end?)

Anyway... there is a free option. Fewer bells and whistles, but it works for my wife.


Yeah...little Xs in the corner of calendar days just doesn't cut it. Especially when your kid goes through and Xes out all of the days because they thought you were marking out days that had passed already.