Hiplogic *Spark

Longtime software developer Hiplogic this week released a beta of its *Spark Android launcher (that'll be the last time we put the asterisk in Spark, by the way). Emphasis on the beta party, is it's still a bit laggy and buggy, but it's an interesting addition to Android.

The gist is that you get a vertical sliding UI, with weather info at the top, some shortcuts, news, post to Facebook and Twitter, plus Facebook and Twitter updates. Standard stuff really, but it's done in an interesting and attractive way.

Again, we need to reiterate that this is an unfinished beta, and you should treat it as such. But it's worth keeping an eye on, and you can find out more at SparkMyPhone.com. Video hands-on and download info are after the break.

YouTube link for Mobile viewing
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kderentz says:

Looks cool ... but so far the reviews have been terrible saying is super Slooooowwwwww

AnAm85 says:

@kderentz, this is a Beta version and Phil even said it's slow but I'm sure once the full version is ready it will be just as fast as all the other home launcher apps out there.

AnAm85 says:

If I didn't like LauncherPro Plus so much I might try this. Just not my favorite style of launcher. Thanks for the great review though Phil!

chefkeyser says:

Swype doesn't work, neither does SwiftKey. Very very slow.
Hero 2.1.

durthquake says:

Thats cause the hero is slow in general since its half the processing power of all the good android phones (evo, epic, droid x, droid 2, dinc, etc...)

chefkeyser says:

The beta app is slow. My Hero isn't. Sixty nine dollars a month and an eighty dollar HTC phone. What about that isn't good?

tim6253 says:

Terrible launcher, if you can call it a launcher. Totally unusable. 17-25 MB when in use. Uses waaay too much RAM. Absolutely no customization. Can only have 3 app shortcuts on the screen.

hampstenj says:

Very VERY VERY slow on hero 2.1.. unusable, but looks nice clearly a beta app for sure.

chefkeyser says:

It does look good, though too slow to even mess around with. I'll keep an eye on it though. I dig the idea.

hampstenj says:

agreed, good concept just needs some work.

Always like to try new Launchers. Right now I used Launcher Pro Plus. I like... but Im bored now lol

likwidsoul says:

Has a huge amount of potential. Ran pretty smooth on my droid. Would like to see some widget support and more app shortcuts. Seems almost like a big widget instead of an android launcher. Its nice though. Will give it another go in a few months.

h2orange says:

Am I the only one that finds the UIS at the opposite end of the spectrum from SlideScreen?

Looks like it's aimed at teenagers to me.

h2orange says:

b l o a t e d

fludkilla says:

I don't even know what the stock launcher looks like I've been using launcher pro plus for so long now.

eolsgaard says:

I really like the launcher dock... I wonder if that could somehow get imported into Launcher Pro? At least the design, but the lighting-up part is awesome.

jepoiski04 says:

agree. the dock looks cool.

jepoiski04 says:

it looks cool. but its too slow on my N1 though. uninstalled but will def keep an eye on this app for sure.

gecko says:

Im really not impressed.
Maybe for those that dont have sense, but if anyone from hiplogic is reading this, here are a few things to consider.

1) There is no option to change the default browser to something different like Fennec or Dolphin.

2) I don't need a calendar, mail, or messaging button that's "intuitive" I need to actually see the calendar, my mail and my messages.... format doesn't matter, but if your going to tout that everything is on the main screen, then find a way to put it there.
ideally a preview of the most recent thing or next appt, similar to the way facebook posts recent activity would be perfect.

3) a separate space on my screen for "what I'm doing now" is over kill... your already providing a face book section, click it to add your current status... Yes I know that I can remove it if I don't want it.

4) speed speed speed.... (did I mention Speed?) what am I buying 1GHZ phone for if I cant use it all?