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I have never understood why most Android phones refuse to automatically sync photos with Picasa. Android is extremely cloud-focused, with the deep integration with Google services that allow your data to be stored elsewhere so that if something happens to the device, your data will be safe. Photos seem like a natural step for this and it seems like Google could easily do it with their web-based photo service Picasa.

Until that happens, however, we have a wide array of this party options that can do this for us. DropSnap is the newest app of this nature and hails from CyanogenMod developers @optedoblivion and @ChrisSoyars. It does a very effective job automatically syncing your photos and videos to your Dropbox account.

The initial app is free, but there is a premium upgrade through an in-app purchase ($3.99) that will unlock the ability to automatically sync photos and videos taken from your device right to Dropbox.

It’s simple: when you open the app, you log in with your Dropbox account. Then go to Settings to set up which media folder the app is looking at and which Dropbox folder everything will be going to. Then everytime you take a photo from that point onward, it will immediately be sent to Dropbox. You can set it to only sync when on WiFi in case you want to conserve data.

It’s a nifty little app and one that works very well. I’ve tried Dropin and Sugarsync, but DropSnap provides everything I need and has been the one that I’ve stuck with the most thus far. The developers are great and will be listening to feedback carefully so don’t hesitate to make suggestions in the comments. Find the app links after the break.


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Android Quick App: DropSnap


This sounds like a really nice app.

I use Rsync backup for Android and Tasker to automatically back up my pictures to my HTCP every night after I put my phone on charge, and then from there they get uploaded to Dropbox.

Sounds like a great app, but I'm very happy with Just Pictures. It syncs automatically all my Facebook albums to my device as well as my Picassa albums. It will also do your smugmug, flickr, photobucket, windows live, and imgur accounts as well.

1. you have a 25-picture upload limit with the free version, which the description in the market never mentions. You assume you can take pictures with the free version and then manually upload the photos later - the premium version adds automatic syncing.

2. although you can set a watch folder on your phone, if you have more than 25 pictures already on your camera, DropSnap automatically starts uploading photos from your default picture folder. You can't change this, even if you set a different watch folder before it starts syncing

The app could use a quick setup wizard asking you which folder you want to use. For me, I process all photos with Vignette so I'd want my Vignette folder, and I already have a Vignette folder in Dropbox that I'd want to sync to.

Fix these issues and I might consider purchasing.

I'm sorry but why doesn't everyone use the Photobucket app?

Just make an account on ur pc and download the app on ur Android phone and it will automatically upload all pictures and videos to the album of your choice. I have over 2000 pictures uploaded from my Droid as soon as they are shot.


I tried Photobucket since I've had an account forever.. I thought it would be perfect but to my disappointment it doesn't upload the full resolution version of your pictures and there is no option to do so..

I've been trying Photo Auto Uploader.. not really auto but it notifies when I take a pic and I can upload directly to my Picasa. http://t.co/PNIzxLo

I don't want every random picture I take being synced up to Picasa or any other cloud/semi-public space. There's probably (definitely) pictures NONE OF YOU want to see on there! :-P

well hopefully i didnt waste my money. I bought the app, but it wont work. it says its syncing, but nothing is happening at all. i emailed the devs but havent gotten any word back yet.

My Nexus One and Evo have been randomly deleting photos off of my memory cards over the last year and a half. Probably some issue related to rooting screwing with stuff but this app is saving my life! Finally. I've tried all sorts of stuff with Tasker and what not but this fixes it.

SugarSync does this already - automatically and free. It's a feature they added about a month or so ago. If you're not familiar with SugarSync, it's a service very similar to Dropbox - but with a couple of nice little extras.

Here's the AC article on SugarSync's new AutoSync for Android: http://www.androidcentral.com/sugarsync-unveils-latest-update-frees-you-...

I'm currently using both Dropbox and SugarSync - but I subscribed to SugarSync because they offered more space at a cheaper rate and the little extras do come in handy from time to time.