I'm not sure how to explain Color Confusion. Well, that's not entirely true. I'm just not sure how to describe the frustration you'll feel as you realize learning the basic colors (red, yellow, blue) won't help you at all in this game. Oh, well.

Color Confusion has a simple idea: mix cans of paint to create the colors that need to be made. Easy description, mind-blowingly difficult concept (at times).

You get a limited number of "mixes" per level, and if you run out of mixes before you've discovered how to make all the colors, you lose. Fortunately, you can then choose to be shown what colors at your disposal you needed to mix, and (one would assume) learn.

If you find yourself not liking the colors you were dealt, the bottom right-hand corner of the screen has a "remix" button. We're not talking dance party, dubstep remix, just a "have some new colors" remix. As far as I can tell, you get unlimited remixes, so don't be afraid to grab some colors you know how to create.

You're timed on how fast you complete a level, so there's some incentive to not completely lollygag. As you advance through the levels, more and more colors need to be mixed at a time, but the game compensates by upping your mix count to balance things out.

Overall, Color Confusion is definitely for those who want a serious challenge, but not for the faint of heart. There's both a free version and a paid version on the Market, but the paid version only sets you back one greenback (standard fare 'round these parts), so don't hesitate to show your support if it's something you enjoy.

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Android Quick App: Color Confusion


this is stupid.___"If you find yourself not liking the colors you were dealt, the bottom right-hand corner of the screen has a "remix" button."___the available colors MUST have the correct combination of colors else what's the point.

and colors on computer do not mix like in real life, so how do they get around that.

Really sorry you feel this way. We know this game is not to everyone's liking. It was a joint family adventure. My husband and I mainly did it just for fun and experience. Definately not trying to make money. Just having fun with it. Sorry you didn't like it.

it's not hard, but artists and artists who do digital art will catch on better. but as a little ditty, it's okay, and maybe some people will enjoy it for it's learning curve. however the writer's post (that i copy/pasted) gives the wrong impression of the remix button's function.

pleasant music.

color swatches are too small to get a good idea of what is necessary.

would be helpful to show a color result of the wrong mixes as well. that way, you know where your mistakes are leading. otherwise people will just throw any random thoughtless combinations together, and not get anything out of it - like adding any number to 2 in order to get 6 because they don't know it's 4. people will add any number to 4, however if you showed that 5 added to 2 = 7, then you give people a general direction to follow.

Would like to try this app, looks interesting but alas it doesnt show up for the LG Optimus S like many other interesting apps i see.

Sorry :( If your phone doesn't meet the minimum requirements, it will not show up in the Android Market. We didn't want people downloading the game and then the game not work for them.