Big Camera Button

If you ever take a self-pic with your smartphone -- stick the camera in your hand, extend your arm, point it at your melon and hope for the best -- you know how it can be a bit of a crapshoot. And unless you have a physical camera button, the tiny shutter buttons on the screen don't help matters any.

Enter Big Camera Button. It does exactly what you see. Press the shutter button once, and your screen changes to a Big Camera Button. No more hoping you hit the right spot. It's stupidly simply, and makes self-pics a breeze.

There's a free "lite" version, and a 99-cent version. Download links and a slightly NSFW video of it in action are after the break.

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pDoG says:

Haha, pretty sweet application actually.

Coolaaron88 says:

Are you fucking kidding me?

Not really

lolzy video xD

Go Android! says:

Why would she take a picture with him but not give him her number?

What the hell was that? ....sooo you don't know him well enough to give your phone number, but you're excited to take a pic with him?

danisnotstan says:

That video made no sense

easy1jay says:

...but it was pretty hilarious.

I just downloaded this, it's pretty sweet.

Glinden9 says:

This is great for congressmen needing to post pics on Craigslist

AbeFrohman says:

Looks like a useful app, big why would it need to read my SMS & MMS?

rht_rv says:

because it has the option to send the pic as a text message, which requires sms and mms reaidng

icebike says:

But with the capability to send images as mms already baked into Android, this is just another vendor tracking you for their own purposes.

I call Shenanigans!

hunterpp says:

Icebike, as the author, I can guarantee there is no tracking. Im looking into the code as I type this, and almost 99% sure that its a legacy piece of code from the stock Android Camera (which also has sms_read, but probably does nothing with it too...)

hunterpp says:

I have removed the SMS permission from the app...there ya go. Ask and ye shall receive!

Hand_O_Death says:

Now thats what I call service

AbeFrohman says:

Thank you for so quickly addressing this concern. I downloaded, am enjoying it an rated it 5 stars.

If other developers were only so responsive to privacy concerns *cough* Pandora *cough*

briankurtz79 says:

My evo has a ffc and you can touch anywhere on the screen with the main camera. So did my hero. Thought this was a native feature. I finally found something I like about sense!

KwietStorm says:

That's pretty cool. Does anyone know of a good camera app with a timer? I think it's a little silly they haven't had it built in after all this time.

You've got to ask for head first hunter... ggosh!

Ecoteric says:

It's hot when women drop f bombs

fstop says:

EVO has a self-timer. Part of the sense camera. Also, like someone else posted, those with a ffc should have no problem composing and pressing the shutter button.

ArizonaGuy says:

What's the difference between the two versions? What do I get for my $1? I can't tell from the app market descriptions.

MsGadget13 says:

OK, I have a Fascinate and it's not in my Market. I'd love to try before buying but don't mind paying if I like it. Is it because my Fascinate if stock? I like the idea, I never can hit that little button!

briankurtz79 says:

Might be 2.2+

Oh Samsung where art thou...

orlanka says:

I'm hoping anyone with Sense didn't actually pay for this.

Vietnam720 says:

To the author: this is an example of simple idea like this is so fantastic. Good job and thanks for the app.

To those who hate the video: this is an example of how things so bad they are good :)

hunterpp says:

Thank you, the author. :)

kylerjalen says:

The Samsung Captivate isn't supported? Phone isn't detected so I can't install it.

toddjy says:

I just downloaded the app and tried it out. And then I uninstalled it. Interesting idea, but the implementation was poor. So I want to take a picture. Option 1: launch the regular camera app, compose the picture, then press the virtual button to take the picture. Or option 2: launch this camera app, compose the picture, then press the virtual button to turn the screen into a bigger virtual button, but now I can't see what I'm taking a picture of. So I no longer know what I'm taking a picture of and have to touch the screen twice to take a picture.