Beautiful Widgets

If you've watched any of our reviews, seen any of our screenshots, or just been mildly involved in Android since you got your device, you've probably heard about Beautiful Widgets.

Beautiful Widgets, by LevelUp Studio, started off as the first legitimate response to HTC's Sense UI, namely their big, gorgeous clock and weather widget. What Beautiful Widgets has become, however, is a fully customizable, feature-packed app that aims to replace most of the other, non-beautiful widgets on your device.

With Beautiful Widgets, you get an individual toggle switch for most of the basic functions on your phone, like brightness, Wifi, and Bluetooth, but also some more specialized toggles for things like 4G, lock screen pattern, and a timed silence. Pretty cool stuff.

Beautiful Widgets' main attraction, though, is it's series of clock and weather widgets. You can opt for something like the Superclock, which was a newer, higher resolution clock/weather widget for high resolution screens, to a four-day weather forecast, to a single day's forecast, to just showing today's date.

What helps set Beautiful Widgets apart are the variety of skins, all free, user-made skins for the battery, clock, and weather. There are nearly limitless customizations you can do with your homescreens just by changing some skins around.

At ~$2.86, it's definitely not free, but nothing great ever is. If you're into taking full aesthetic control of your device or you just like how some of the skins looks, I wouldn't hesitate to buy Beautiful Widgets. It's one of the staple apps of the Android community and it's updated often, so you'll definitely be getting your money's worth.

Download links and more pictures are after the break.

Beautiful WidgetsBeautiful Widgets

Beautiful WidgetsBeautiful Widgets

Beautiful WidgetsBeautiful Widgets

Beautiful WidgetsBeautiful Widgets

Beautiful WidgetsBeautiful Widgets


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Android Quick App: Beautiful Widgets


I agree, Fancy Widgets Pro is closer to the look of HTC's clock, and with some nice customizations. Everything else about Beautiful Widgets however, is awesome.

It's an app called Custom Launcher Icons by Jon F. Hancock. I use it and love it with Launcher Pro.

(If your talking about the dock with the blue glow)

What is the home replacement that is being used on the top two pictures?

BTW, Beautiful widgets is really great. I've been using it for a while now. Well work purchasing.

"Hope Amazon offers it for free soon...." I got an idea... go by an envy so you don't have to pay the $30 a month for data.. or even better get prepaid so you are never wasting a single min. Because if you can't support a great dev and spend 2 bucks you must really be in a pinch when it comes to money.....or your just the biggest cheap a$$ that probally thinks Burger King is a great first date... well when your paying at least.

Damn starscream, why the hostilty? If something you want is offered for free, you'd be a fool not to jump on it. Now if he loves the app & refuses to get it UNLESS its free, then feel free to rant (& rightly so)

I was using beautiful widgets but abandoned it when I loaded CM7 since it has the toggles I need in the drop down and I switched to WP Clock which is clean and sharp looking. For weather i was always using weatherbug, so much more accurate.

The default for weather used to be google but was recently switched to accuweather. Not sure if you were having problems just with the google setting, but I have had no accuracy problems with the accuweather setting.

I grabbed Fancy Widgets when it was free on amazon a couple of months ago and I love it. Other than different skins for the clocks and weather, what are the differences between the two? (In other words, is it worth $3 for me to get BW?)

I actually bought both Fancy Pro and BW. Right now I am happy with BW but really miss the MIUI weather icons. Wish someone would port them.

You forgot just a little bit of information. Beautiful Widget did come out with a lite version that is FREE! I use that one and The Fancy one that is free also. Fancy you can use up to 4 different programs under it. I still say myweather is one of the best for weather.

I love Beautiful Widgets. I never heard of MyWeather until you mentioned it. I downloaded it and really like the radar. It would be nice to have a paid version of MyWeather to get rid of the ads. Thanks for the recommendation.

Amazing app! Honestly, I went a long time not seeing the point, but decided one day to try it and fell in love with it immediately and never looked back! Thanks!!!!

I bought it, slowed down my D2, forecasts were not accurate, drained my battery uninstalled. Pretty but unnecessary.

I bought this app last July and loved it for a while. I stopped loving it when it started acting funny. Basically I would set up a clock widget skin and a weather skin, save it, the usual. Then at some point during the day the widget would revert back to stock settings for no reason. This got old real fast so I switched to using GO launcher, which has a very decent in house clock and weather widget. Not nearly as many skins as BW but at least it works.

Samsung Captivate 2.2 rooted

And where do you get that sweet Captain America shield icon for the app drawer? I've looked everywhere and I can't find it. Anyone know where to point me for that icon?