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Vuzix has announced the latest in their line of video-enabled eyewear, and it's going to be competing pretty directly with Google Glass. The M100 will run a tailored version of Android Ice Cream Sandwich, will pair up with devices over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to support augmented reality (among other) apps, and project a WQVGA display to the eye, which works out to (about 432 x 240).

The front camera will shoot video at 720p, saved to the 4 GB of internal flash memory. The whole package will be powered by a 1 GHz processor. Battery life leaves a little something to be desired; you'll be able to get 8 hours on it if you're just doing classic hands-free stuff, but with that, the camera, and the display activated, Vuzix is expecting an hour of usage. Launch is expected to be early next year, but how much will it cost? Well, the developer kit which will include a production M100 when it's available is going for $999, so that should give you a rough idea. 

Is there any room for another augmented eyewear player with Google involved? Vuzix has been doing this sort of thing for longer, but Google has the ecosystem and developer support. Either way, will these kind of accessories actually get people to start using augmented reality apps regularly? How much can we reasonably expect people to pay for digital eyewear? More info on the Vuzix M100 can be found at their product page

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Android-powered Vuzix M100 aims to take on Google Glass


Awesome. This is exactly what we need. More people making these things to drive down costs and drive up the usability/power/battery life of this new tech. Exciting!

Don't know why you'd want the display below your eye instead of above it... I typically interact with things at or below "level", not above it, thus making higher space less valuable...

Wonder if this will project an image of the girl in the ad onto my eye. If so, the battery won't make it an hour.

Challenge Google in the stupid look contest. I hope I don't have to confiscate and stomp on these in my day to day, I'm sure common sense will prevail, come on.

Also, that's a render stuck on a photo, she's not actually wearing it, lame. Obviously 3rd rate company.