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U.S. still dominated by Samsung and Apple handsets

Mobile analytics company comScore has just released its monthly report on U.S. smartphone market share, and as expected Android is still on top. Keeping in mind that these numbers represent market share as of October, 2013, let's jump into the analysis.

As you would expect, Android is on top of the U.S. market with 52.2 percent of devices, up 0.4 percent from three months previous. Apple makes up much of the rest with 40.6 percent, also up slightly in the period. BlackBerry and Microsoft naturally round out the other meaningful OS market shares in the states.

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In terms of manufacturers, it's the Samsung and Apple show yet again. Since no other manufacturers make phones with Apple's iOS, of course it has the largest single manufacturer market share at the same 40.6 percent of the market. Following up a somewhat-close second place is Samsung, with 25.4 percent of the market, up 1.3 percent. Motorola picked up a miniscule gain to 7 percent market share, and both HTC and LG lost share to dip under Motorola.

At this point it seems it'll take something monumental to get a single manufacturer to move any considerable amount in a three-month period — maybe things will mix up a bit more around the holidays.

Source: comScore

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Android over 52% of the U.S. market as of October, Samsung still leads OEMs


Motorola looking better. I can attest to that, got a Moto X Tuesday.

Posted Via VZW Moto X on the Android Central App

If you consider a tenth of one percent better, then I guess so. Fairly anemic if you ask me. I would have thought the motox would have moved the needle a bit more than that. I will be interested to see moto share after the moto g is out for some time, with the x.

Posted via Android Central App on OG Nexus 7

They were the only OEM to see positive growth other than Samsung and Apple. That's a pretty good thing.

Winter is coming. She's quite the screamer.

I suppose so. Just thought it might be just a bit higher.

The only other thing that surprised me in any of these numbers is the rather sharp decline by HTC. Not good for them.

Posted via Android Central App on OG Nexus 7

this is october number when the price was too high and motorola was still on kitkat.

November is when kitkat was released and price dropped to $99 to free(black and white)... so i believe it will be better... also u should know that this is %... smartphone sales number is growing so u should know that 7% in july units is less than 7% units in Oct

How is 7% different in July than the same 7% in October??? Too much math talk maybe? 7% is still 7%!

Posted via Android Central App Using my Samsung Galaxy S4 T-Mobile

there is a 4.1% increase in units sold in october compared to july... read the comscore article which is explained in detail

so lets say 7% of 100 millions in july is less than 7% of 110 million units sold in october..

100 and 110 million is just an example... 7% is not 7% and differs depending on the no of units

Didn't the Moto X just release in October? It would have fairly minimal impact on these numbers.

I just switched from a Samsung G-S1 (yeah... long over due) to the Moto X, though really these OEMs have great phones.

you should know that most of the regular people didn't know about it 2 months after the launch. Not to mention Att exclusivity on MotoMaker. Also many are weary about Motorola because they were mostly available on Verizon . those few models on other carriers (like my photon on sprint) sucked

Posted via Android Central App

Plain and simple nothing beats Samsung period. As I have always said Samsung is android period.

Posted from my Galaxy Note 3 on Tmobile via Android Central App

again ?!

"Who is your Daddy and what does he do?"
(arniold - Kindergarten Cop)

Posted via Android Central App on my unreliable, slow and buggy VZW Samsung S3 which made me to install a custom ROM so I can enjoy it's lovely features

It's unfortunate that so many Android fans have turned into Samsung fans who act like Apple fans. Here's hoping Motorola (and maybe even HTC? Hey, I can dream...) gobble up some of Samsung's market-share.

Plain and simple you have no life and no sense of reality. In a lot of ways, you're worse than the "iPhone heads" (as you call them). If Google pulled Android, Samsung would be up sh*t creek. So no, Samsung is NOT Android. Idiot.

That is where you would be VERY wrong. If Google stopped right now, Samsung is the only one that would survive.

THey would have a tizen phone out the door in about 15 minutes. HTC, Motorola, Sony, whoever else have do not have a backup plan.

Maybe HTC, they could throw out some windows phones.

Doesnt matter. Google stopping would not stop Android at all. It would just shatter it into 10000 pieces.

That STILL doesnt matter because. Google makes too much money off of it.

Samsung is far more than just a smartphone manufacturer. Also, they're the only OEM to have their own decent ecosystem developing. Especially with Tizen about to come into the picture, they'll be fine.

Mine too :)
f they stay the course, this time next year they can have it doubled. And w half of the Apple's and Sammy's marketing and production capability, just a few years from now , can easily get even share. Moto deserves to get back to #1

Posted via Android Central App

Microsoft's tablet laptop combos are pretty nice, but I don't see either one surviving in the mobile phone market.

Posted via Android Central App

I just switched from a Lumia 920 to a Moto X. I loved the Nokia hardware (especially the camera), but WP8 has to iron out the annoying quirks in their operating system before I could stick with it. While I do miss the camera (the X's pales in comparison), it wasn't enough to get me to tolerate the OS. We'll see what they come up with in WP8.1.

Posted via Android Central App

Microsoft. They have the cash from other departments to back a loser before it becomes something resembling a win.
A good example is the Xbox.

Blackberry is all but Dead, hardware speaking

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

I love how everyone at my school has an iPhone yet each time I'm alone with one person they always envy my Galaxy S4 and it's scanning text from lab sheets from the keyboard, or controlling the TV in the classroom. Everyone knows androids cost less and do more, but the iPhone is "cool" so they all waist their parent's money. :/

Posted via Android Central App

You can pick up an S4 for well under $100.00 on contract right now. An I5/s/c will still cost you anywhere from $100.00 to $400.00.

You're already proving his point. He means buying a phone cheap without being sucked into contracts. So far the S4 costs almost as much as the iPhone 5S with their real prices with only a $10 difference.

Maybe not in cost but in usefulness. An s4 is worth the money more than an iPhone imo

Posted Via VZW Moto X on the Android Central App

The only thing a Samsung device is worth with Touchwiz installed is a Frisbee out of the car going 65mph on the freeway.

Wouldn't even consider that junk a paper weight. I'd use an iPhone over any Touchwiz device any day.

Posted via Android Central App

An s4 has way more features than an iPhone ever did, and that's out of the box, not downloading apps. An iPhone in my opinion is one of the weakest phones out of the box.

Posted Via VZW Moto X on the Android Central App

My friend has an s4 and wants an android. I just rooted my s3 and am glad I got rid of the touchwiz bloatware that takes a great chunk of ram. A reason I don't like Samsung products is because of touchwiz which makes their products unbearable

Posted via Android Central App

CleanRom really helped on my GS3
TW is not installed at all plus 0 carrier bloat while keeping all the cool features (lame stock skin too). Basically stock looking phone that works better. Some bugs are still there, though.
I'm done w custom roming - samsung no more
Posted via Android Central App

When I look at these numbers, I think to myself Crapple people completely lack individuality. Us Android people have all these manufacturer's we can choose from. It is kinda sad to see HTC continue, and continue to go down in numbers.

Posted via Android Central App Using my Samsung Galaxy S4 T-Mobile

Yea, but fragmentation is a problem leaving it up to the developers to update and issue ota updates to their products.

Posted via Android Central App

How stupid are you? You do realize that despite all of that choice people still really only go with one option on Android as well right?

And you are one of those people "Posted via Android Central App Using my Samsung Galaxy S4 T-Mobile" looks like you need to find some individuality.

Not necessarily . apple did a great job in the early development set the bar high - quality, design and reliability. Plus all the marketing hype. Android sucked in the first 2 yrs (carrier branding mess too) and bad news spread even more than praise. Bad taste stays for awhile.
W more consistency android will get there.
Most if the people want their phones to work and not care about updates every other month, which even mess up devices - cdma carriers mostly.

Even Google never get it right on day one w it's pure android experience. Always something ... Followed w 2 updates within weeks

Posted via Android Central App

Id like HTC to do better also but they need to diversify. What other devices do the have in production besides the HTC One and the HTC One Max?

Sent from my SG Note 2

I feel you on HTC getting more diverse but I don't want them saturating the market with alot of devices either

Posted via Android Central App

True but realisticly unless they show they have more of a variety of devices to offer to appease different tastes, they wont wont gain a larger percentage

Sent from my SG Note 2

2 flagships a year, one of them gets a mini and max version.
several mid-low range phone, maybe 6 of each.

that is about the extent anyone should go to. HTC is too few to keep the public interest, Samsung is too many.

Flood the market to see which devices appeal to consumers then narrow down or put one or two out a year to see if the consumers buy....which do you think will have greater success? HTC has another disadvantage which is all the more reason they should haveore phones hitting the streets. They do not make anything else. Samsung, LG, Sony, Motorola all make a list of consumer products from TVs to video game systems to refrgerators to washer and dryers. They can afford to take a loss on 2 smartphones a year with money to fall back on. HTC does they will only continue to fall in percentage.
It would be different if android was exclusive to HTC.

Sent from my SG Note 2

I wonder how long Samsung will be on top once people find out that they have eliminated virtually any possibility of rooting a phone running 4.3+. Also you cannot run any bootloader that Samsung or General Dynamics has not signed. You read that right, General Dynamic in cooperation with the U.S. DoD to create a secure mobile platform.

So my guess is the last couple of iterations of OS on Verizon starting with MDK were testbeds.
1. Before MDK no downgrade of firmware..
2. MDK -> bootloader locked, but they forgot to plug a hole so you could still use the Loki method to run different ROMS.
3. ME7 -> offered root and Safestrap, but Loki hole was patched.
4. MI1 -> safestrap hole closed and only root could be had. KNOX now shows up so the bootloader definitely must be signed as each stage check the signature to continue to boot.
5. KNOX now fully active, you can void warranty by trying to root or flash unsigned (not signed by Samsung or GD) firmware. Vroot only way to root and that is suspecious. If you trip the flag, no warranty support and you still can flash custom ROMs!

Samsung now owns your phone even if you bought it.
They can do what they want including the ability to prevent apps from running.
You can't stop an OTA from installing because you will not be able to root.
No custom ROMs, no root, KNOX, DoD and GD involvement.

I'm not conspiracy theorist but....

Here is the big deal though.
Even if you trip the KNOX flag, you still can't do what you want.
Warranty is now void and you still can't root or run whatever flavor of software on "YOUR" device.

Now owned by Samsung! My S4 will be my first and last Samsung phone.

Just be warned....

First off, that is your carrier locking it down. My Sprint SGS3 and Note 3 were easy as hell to root, ROM, put a different recovery on and the rest.

Next, your warranty MAY be void. It is there discretion. I never had an issue and I have sent back ROM'd phones. It has ALWAYS been that way. Anytime you root, rom, change the bootloader, your warranty is void.

Next, Knox and others to be named (HTC, Sony, Moto) will all have something like it. They are chasing the blackberry government and secure company money. This is not going away, Samsung just did it first.

Next, every version of the Note 3 can be rooted. I assume the same can be said for the S4 but I am not going to bother to look since the Note 3 would be locked down first.

In addition, Motorola has locked bootloaders, as does HTC, as does Sony. You are just spoiled by having had little hassle before.

Finally, and this cannot be said enough, verizon is your problem. They are the one who wants to completely control you.

Buying a Samsung is still better than buying a half-assed Nexus. The last one wasnt terrible. The N4 and the GNEX were horrid.

Oh and of the 40M+ units that have been sold, just of the S4, maybe 5% are rooted and ROM'd or even just rooted.

The typical consumer could careless.

Soooooo what about people who dont care to root devices. Not everyone on these boards look to hack every device we pay goid money for. Speaking for myself I shop for the best phone accorfing to what features I want and what is available. So I feel that if I spend $600 plus on a needs to be all that I want it to be and I am good with whatever the manufacturer has integrated in the device.

Sent from my SG Note 2

And here I thought it would be BlackBerry or Nokia vying for the spot below Apple & Samsung. Good job, I guess, to Motorola.