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If you've been on the outside looking in when it comes to paid apps on the Android Market -- whether you're a developer or consumer -- your day in the sun may be near. Google just announced that paid applications will soon be available in 131 nations. We'll have to wait until Google updates its list of availability, but for now feel free to squint at the map.

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Android Market's international paid app footprint to hit 131 countries


Good to see the massive spread in availability of paid apps. This can only help the developer eco system for Android. Hopefully we will see similar improvements in the roll out of services to the international markets now that they are accounting for such a high proportion of sales (even before the new countries are added) ... yes, that does mean I selfishly want Google Books, Music, Movies etc. ;)

I'm also from the Philippines. can you post a screenshot of your market here? I can see some of the paid applications in the "Just In" tab but I don't see any "Paid Apps" tab.

also, my Market always FC every time I click a paid application. I'm using stock Galaxy S gt-i9000 btw.

Try to reboot, f it doesnt work and if youre rooted u can use market enabler to buy apps but with this development i have already uninstalled mine. Am from the Philippines too.