Androlib unofficially has the Android Market surpassing 50,000 applications, quite a leap from the 38,000 figure Google used last week during its first-quarter earnings call. In fact, when we asked Google for an official figure, we were told:

"We're sticking to 38,000 for now. We'll announce when we do our next formal count."

That said, 50,000 items in the Market is a real possibility, but let's be honest here: How many of those "applications" are (a) actual "applications" and (b) something you'd actually want to download? We still think Steve Jobs is being overly childish when he tells people to go to Android if they want porn, but we still think there's a lot about the Android Market that needs to be fixed.


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Android Market unofficially passes 50,000 apps


You can always use google to find apps you might like, or if you need to know a name of something you need to the phone to do.

1st time I saw that Steve Jobs comment. Is he really the biggest douche in the world.

I'll be glad to try this Market out one I get an Android phone. I'm almost getting excited (:

and how many of those 150,000 iPhone apps are really useful? Isn't something like 1,000 useful apps and 149,000 fart simulators? (joke!) an app is anything available to download in the Market, and 38,000 or 50,000-whatever it may be-is INSANE for such a new platform

True statement.

Hopefully nearly all "useful" IPhone apps comes to Android.

Although I don't care for gaming on my phone like other, I would like to see great 3D games on Andriod.

The 149,000 fart simulators is really not that bad an estimate, the other 1,000 are quiz apps. However, Android has a lot of bad porn apps. (I'm not condemning porn, just really bad porn)

I will say that I have been very disappointed in the fact that someone will post 50 different apps, all with one small difference in them, rather then just make one app that had that one change built in.

Another thing that would be nice to see is Filtering. Allow users to select the number of stars they want to see. That way you can do a quick filter of the junk apps that have 0-1 stars, stuff like paid apps that are just web links, and apps that just plain don't work on any phone.

Well Jak, I'm in the fortunate position of having a free 3GS from work, and Droid for personal use (which I'm getting rid of to get the new Incredible).

Everyone makes fun of the iPhone for having "fart" apps, but the truth in the matter is that there is maybe 150 fart apps... Out of 150,000. And even in this massive market, some of the most poorly laid out iPhone apps are what android users are comfortable with on a daily basis.

There is a severe lack of polish in the Android market (and filtering). The high quality apps that are available are typically Twitter and social apps. Everything else lacks in comparison. Its not merely a preference or subjective matter... they are simply ugly most of the time.

Google has a way of making an app look nice, even though they are quite minimal, but the third party apps seem to lack this magic. A lot of this has to do with the tools that are provided, as well as no good examples/guidelines as to how an app should function. It is my hope that Google themselves will be able to provide most of the functionality we need, so 3rd party developers have a good base to work with going forward.

38000 different apps is the number issued by Google. Androlib carries more, cause it counts each theme for a keyboard or an application as App the way Apple Market does. So here you are comparing Apples to Apples lol.

The Amazing point is that 60% of 50k apps are free.. that's.. 30k Applications. Meanwhile in the AppleMarket with 180K apps… only 25% are free… so roughly 40k apps If you consider that fact that only 10% of all iPhone apps have more than 1000 downloads.. that gives us 4500 useful free apps for the iPhone. On the other hand, based on Androlib statistics 46% of all Android Apps have been downloaded more than 1000 time.. so.. that means there are 13800 useful apps for Android. (over 3 times as many as for Apple).

Or if you want the cut of for Adroid at 10000 downloads for a useful app.. we are talking about 23.7% of them so 7100, almost twice as many as the iPhone.

Alright, to make Apple fan boys happy, and make stats “look” equal. 9.7% of all Android apps have been downloaded over 50000 times. So that means there are 2910 free useful apps for Android, compared to 4500 iPhone Apps.

Considering the iPhone has been around for 2 more years than Android… which ever way you cut the mustard… Android has more to offer and more growth more options and definitely more free USEFUL apps.

iPhone has 176K worthless bloat. Paying for some apps like Exhange, WIFI access point and such is worth the money. But paying for 176K of useless apps way.

From a developer stand point of view, Android has more to offer as well as more users are downloading free Apps.

Finally.. truth be said.. at:

it clearly states that there are only 47693 Android Applications as of 8:43AM CST April 24th, 2010.

But please, iPhone enthusiast, clarify how many times have the 10% of useful iPhone apps been downloaded… and provide a link. Mine is there.. with Androlib.

Then consider you can find Android with any carrier at any price with 42 Android phones out, it gives you a LOT of choice. Apple has 4 maybe 5 later this year 3 of them (first iphone, the 3g and 3GS are OLD technology compared to all except the G1.. even so, the G1 still does more than a 3GS, including google navigation, access point surfing at 2.7mb/s steady with 4 mb/s top download speed..

Android is more cost effective with more options and choices.. unless you want to move over to the iDicatorship environment of Apple, where one man dictates what you will do with your life. There are leaders and there are followers. I for one, will not let one person run my life.

iPhone App Store breakdown:
Fart sims
Alternative social networking apps at exorbitant prices
Lite versions of EVERYTHING
and a couple decent games.