comScore market share

Motorola holds down the third-place spot with 6.7 percent of the market

Reporting its market share numbers for Q4 2013, comScore shows Android taking a small dip in overall share of the U.S. at the end of the year. Compared to the period ending in September 2013, Android dipped by 0.3 percentage points to 51.5 percent of the market as of December, with Apple gaining to 41.8 percent — BlackBerry and Microsoft round out the three and four spots, naturally.

On the manufacturer side, Apple leads things in the U.S. still with that same 41.8 percent of the market, with Samsung a relatively distant second-place with 26.1 percent, which is up 1.2 percentage points in the quarter. In a very distant third place, Motorola is holding things at 6.7 percent, just marginally above LG with 6.6 percent and HTC with 5.7 percent. That of course only adds up to 86.9 percent, with a variety of other manufacturers making up the gap to 100 percent of the market.

Source: comScore

comScore market share


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Android U.S. market share dipped slightly in Q4, Samsung gained as an OEM


Good to see Motorola in the number three spot in the US.

They probably have Verizon to thank for that. HTC and LG both have more models out on more carriers yet Motorola leads.

You can replace probably with definitely and I'll still agree with you. Verizon pushes its Droid line hard.


This post approved by the NSA.... at least I hope so.

Globally SAMSUNG is the industry leader period.

SAMSUNG is the android platform leader from a market share standpoint and has been for three year now going into 4yrs starting in 2014.

At this stage of the game it's pretty simple SAMSUNG is android otherwise the entire android platform is in MAJOR TROUBLE without Samsung.

At the end of the day 2014 will be a BIG YEAR for Samsung definitely.

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Shut up.

I'm so sick of this.

Posted via my thumbs and Google Keyboard. N7 2013

I don't come on this site much anymore but each time I do it seems I read this same comment from you. Get a life. Can't you think of anything new or intelligent to say? So Samsung sales a lot of phones. Wow. How insecure are you to tell everyone how mighty you think this Korean company is? Who gives a flying f**k?

Yup and I think people will buy Samsung phones even if they don't have Android.Oh wait...

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In other words
The underlying problem of the existing issue, is that the idea of troubling notion that the conceived perception as it is , is nothing but a mere illusion, that one finds himself in denial of the supremacy of one and only power to be and everlasting and ever growing, to rule them all - SAMSUNG !!!

No clue what I just said but it makes perfect sense to me.
This is our last chance, people! If you can't beat them, join them.
I think I'm lost ... Where am I ... Who am I ?

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of The World !

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What did you say? Your comment was blocked by all my #holoyolo.

StealthDroid - Working on his Nexus 7 in the Nexus Lab

Considering Apple gives no phone choices to a consumer, the market share it took in USA is mind boggling. I guess 5C is a "choice" but it's just a re-skinned 5 (same screen, same OS features)

Choice is nice but when you have a flooded market and so many options I think its a nightmare. Apple gives you the cream of the crop and usually can't go wrong with what you get. Same goes for the flooded PC market.

Then your buying junk...who wants to buy junk? Not me! I plan for the future and build for the future.

Buying Apple is a planning nor building for the future, it is playing with the Status quo.

They have not moved anything forward in years. It is the same problem that I had with the Nexus 4.

The opportunity was there to move some tech forward, either at a reasonable price for consumers or no price but they chose to just sit on their hands.

Then you have other companies like Samsung, LG, Sony and even HTC throwing stuff out there to see what sticks and is "the next big thing".

Even the Sony snap on camera is not junk, just an experience maker.

Hardware-wise, the iPhone 5 is very nice. Top 5 in fit & finish.

That being said, Apple is hardly "cream of the crop." iTunes and iOS ensure that it'll be sub-par for the foreseeable future.

You have all the choice in the world. Don't like it, don't buy it. No one is forced to use an iPhone.

For a big amount of us, Android is the only option simply because we are not willing to pay those prices for a smartphone, for various reasons, and Google does a great job.

If I could justify an high end device (I can't, yet) it would be an iPhone, no doubt.

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Apple doesn't make an OS or a piece of hardware. They make a product.

If you do not like the product, don't buy it. It's simple. That's everyone's choice.

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No, wanting a particular operating system and being forced to buy an iPhone is a very different thing. Being "forced" to do something implies outside action. Shopping for a phone does not qualify. Stop throwing words around, they actually mean something and you're diluting the meaning.

You know what I meant. Why twist my words?
Yes, obviously everyone has all the choices in the world. But if you want an iOS experience, you are stuck with only one choice of phone... Case color/material doesn't make different phones.

Many people do not like 4" screen and still buy iPhone because it's an iPhone. THAT is what I was talking about

So Motorola loses $300+ million at spot #3. Looks like the smartphone market has room for two manufacturers to be profitable, Apple and Samsung. That doesn't bode well for the future and how much choice we will have.

Walled garden on this side, plastic Touchwiz on that side.

Agreed. This is really grim news for those companies that only make phones. They simply have nothing to fall back on while they are growing the phone business.

By that definition, up until lately, only HTC has nothing that I know of to fall back on.

LG is Samsung junior, Motorola mobility had other divisions, Apple goes without saying...

HTC is the only one I worry about a lot

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Still are

This post approved by the NSA.... at least I hope so.

HTC still in my eyes makes the highest quality handsets out of all the OEMs. Just put a One next to an IPhone ...and compare a One or a Butterfly to a Galaxy series....night and day difference in build quality

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My Rezound was a pile. I liked the phone, but build quality sucked. My S4 is way better in that regard. HTC is hit or miss on build quality imo, my Hero was a pile, Desire was awesome, Rezound, sucked. In my world, HTC is not the leader in this.


Amen. The Thundercock was possibly their worst offering ever.

But then they made the One X and the One, and all has been forgiven. (I'd love to check out the butterfly someday, but I don't think they ever made it to the US)

The One is very overrated.

Yeah it is made of dent-able and scratch-able metal that in the end works out to be far uglier than anything made of plastic.

You want to talk about the speakers and Sense 5.whatever, fine. The metal casing not so much.

sometimes I don't even know how these numbers are accurate. almost every person I know has an iPhone and everyone I see has an iPhone.

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Same. And I've literally never seen anyone with a non Samsung Android. Minus some friends I see everyday. But when I walk in the city or crowds, it's only iPhones and Samsungs. I do notice because Ima mobile geek.

Samsung should be higher. I would bump them to the 40% range at the expense of Apple.

Maybe it is just me, but I have seen a bunch more Motorola phones as of late and really have to search for an HTC One.

If HTC is smart, they would do two flagships a year, just a few 'mini' and cheap ones and focus one support

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I see

50% iPhone
30% Samsung
10% LG
8% HTC
2% (if that) Motorola

StealthDroid - Working on his Nexus 7 in the Nexus Lab

Nexus 4 and 5 devices are everywhere in Vancouver along with HTC Ones but Samsung dominance is very prominent.

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As long as hear "what is that" for my Moto X , I know the place :)
Surprisingly (or not) Note 2 and 3 are as common as S line - from what I see around. Comments "but it's so huge" are still there , but people are not as resistant to the idea. I'm just wondering , how much would Apple gain with a phablet release - Market is obviously growing.

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It's pretty regional, from what I hear. For example, here in Dallas, I've noticed a sharp drop off in Apple phones. In LA and NY, I hear they're going strong. I actually saw a graphic supporting this, but can't find it, and it's outdated by now anyway, but that's what I remember.

here's some much needed clarity to the article -

1. this is U.S. market share only.
2. this is current user base - not new activations.

it's a pet peeve of mine when such details are omitted.

I agree with point one. I hate how the article doesn't mention that this is for the US...well except in the title of the article, and on both the charts.
And the first sentence of the article.
And the first sentence of the second paragraph.
But other than that they didn't even mention that is was for the US.

its a pet peeve of mine when gekkos are illiterate.

OK either I'm drunk or it was added after the fact. It would not be the first time that's happened. (For both).

Not if they cannot support what they have. The One X still should not be EOL

This post approved by the NSA.... at least I hope so.

Agreed. That phone holds up well in today's arena. It's now mid-level, but it's still a damn good phone.

I'm not sure why everyone wants to be Samsung. BMW does not compete directly with Chevy, does not sell even close to same amount of cars, yet stays Super profitable. If HTC wants to be the BMW of smartphones, they need to act like it.

My ideas, magnesium and or kevlar phones. 128GB of storage. Stock overclockable, undervoltable kernel, some kind of built in drop protection, hide it in the giant speaker bezel. At the EOL of a devise, put the whole thing open source and release an AOSP rom that can be flashed, and that is fully functional.

Do all this plus whatever other cool luxury things they can think of, charge an extra 50-100 dollars, and don't apologize for it. The name of the game is making money, not being Samsung, because nobody else can be them, at least not at this point in history.



If something works, you try to duplicate success while adding things to differentiate yourself. Such as the speaker on the One.

Until you can do that, you go with the formula that works

But neither that or the aluminum did enough. Without the sale of beats, they barely made any money last year right?

I want them to succeed, but the reality as I see it, following Samsung at this point in the game is futile.


Your right but they are one bomb away from going under so there is no way they are going to do something bold.

They never should have done ultra pixel thing, I believe that hurt them in the long run as well. THe average consumer is a spec whore and seeing 4MP vs 13 MP was a no brainer. The7 should have waited until they could up it to 8-12MPs

Dang, that's actually better than I thought Motorola was doing market share wise! Selling 1 phone for every 4 Samsung sells is not bad at all! They still have to figure out how to actually make money though haha.

The more I think about it, the more I see how great Motorola will be for Lenovo.

With Samsung starting to lose the inglorious fight on the high end (as the quarter over quarter drop on net profit and big dip of the ASP for the phone division shows), the last thing they need is a huge Chinese company with the country watching their back, powerful brand name and the open doors to the USA looking for a fight.

There goes the advantage of owning a country and take advantage of being a manufacturer in Asia.

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I'm not sure which is more impressive - apple gaining share in an S year release, or Samsung doing the same in the face of very well regarded phones from HTC, Motorola, LG and Sony.
But the most meaningful thing in this report is that 3+ years into the Microsoft mobile reboot and they have stalled out at less than 5% share. That's just god awful

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The point is that it's not enough. They may have doubled sales but they lost market share. From looking at the numbers they will need to quadruple sales just to break even (market share-wise) in the next report and do even better than that (by a LOT) to even hope to make a 1% or less dent in the overall market share of Apple or Android.

Really the point to this chart is that Apple is absolutely SLAYING it in the US. I'm not an Apple fan but they are legion.