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Let's face it, while app reviews in the Android Market might be helpful to developers and potential customers for finding out some of the best and worst features of the current release of an app, they haven't been altogether too informative, and could be skewed to show the app as being worst/better than it really is. Old reviews can still weigh heavily on the user's choice, especially if those reviews mention glaring bugs that had been fixed in recent updates or that were only present on older Android phones. Also frustrating is when developers see a review with good feedback that they would like to save/share later, only for it to get lost in the thousands of other reviews for that same app - going back in to find it later is like trying to find a specific needle in a pile of other similarly formatted needles.

The web version (not on your devices yet) of Android Market has solved those two concerns with a simple and effective update. Users can now see the type of device that the reviewer was using the app on (such as the LG Optimus 2X in Juan's review above) and the version number of the app that they were reviewing (version 2.9, again, in the screenshot above).

On top of that, developers (and anyone for that matter) can now grab the permalink to individual reviews for sharing or reading later. To the right of every reviewer's nametag and device info you will see the universal symbol for "link". Click that icon and the page will reload with that review on top and a fresh URL that you can send anywhere.

In the future it would be nice to sort reviews by specific devices or app versions being used, rather than asking us to browse through or link them all individually (it would also be great if they reproduced this in the mobile app soon), but for now this update is a welcome change.

Thanks for the Tip, Stephen!


Reader comments

Android Market App reviews now include permalinks and device details


Good feature to have indeed. It's very important to know what devices people have that's reporting the issues. It's useful for both developers and users since Android is such a diverse ecosystem where devices literally come in all sizes.

This is nice, I really appreciate this kind of feature as a developer. Maybe would explain why reviews on one my apps have been disappearing? I hope they come back, they were positive reviews. :C

I'd also still like to see a way for developers to respond to reviews

awesome. it's getting there. although i feel like these recent changes like the review sorting and this stuff are completely obvious and necessary changes and they should have been out like last year. but kudos.

This is great! I am very glad they are improving and those are useful additions, indeed. They should also make a since-last-update rating score that shows the overall, and the recent score. And, of course, make these show in the Market app.

Plus- come on Google... you are still not doing nearly enough to help me control searching and sorting of apps. As your catalog gets bigger and bigger, it looks insulting for the best web search engine to not offer more options.