Android Market +1 button

Hey, look at that. It's the Android Central app. (You're using the Android Central app, right?) And just like everything else in the Android web market, it's now got one of those newfangled +1 buttons on it. So when you've got a free minute, swing by and give it a click. And if you haven't already, check out the app.

Download: Android Central app; More: Google +1


Reader comments

Android Market adds Google's new +1 button


I haven't tried the app since I deleted it from my phone right after downloading it. Does it still eat up 17mb running in the background?

Droid X and Nexus S 4G. I just tried it on both and same situation on both (initially only tried it on the X). I have it set with alerts "off" but it still runs in the background at 17mb.

I really wish that AC would update the app with better memory handling and in app commenting. I would love that, better than the mobile website.

they also added a new UI to the app screen shots. Now you can rotate screen shots 90 degrees, cycle through screen shots, and even use the arrow keys and escape button on the keyboard.

Searched for it in the Android Market. All I found was the Android Central Widget. I don't see any "+1 button" in the Android Market. What's up with that?

Just like Facebook's "Dislike" button, I think a "-1" button is necessary. Not for the Android Central app (I haven't tried it yet) but there are a few apps out there that really deserve a -1.