The Ogglies - A Dragon Party

Chances are your kid likes dragons and will also jump at the chance to say "firebottom." Why not combine the two with the children's book "The Ogglies - A Dragon Party for Firebottom." It's the latest in a nice little run of interactive children's books now available on Android. "Firebottom" also has puzzles and music thrown in, so you're not just reading the book.

It's on sale through Oct. 6 for around $2. We've got links and video after the break.

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Android kids app: The Ogglies - A Dragon Party

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Excellent App!

I recently got hold of another App for kids, which is launched recently:
Its called QuickPaint (FREE)

It features Animal, fruits, vegetable, object drawings with voice over to learn the names of objects and colors. It is also highly user friendly. I recommend it.