The +Android team on Google+ has made a little announcement that we should expect a "surprise" tomorrow (Dec. 19).  What it may or may not be is currently the hot topic of discussion, and I'm not even going to make a guess.

But that doesn't mean you guys shouldn't -- speculate away in the comments, someone is bound to be right.

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The Android Google+ account promises a surprise come Monday


I think they'll announce Cold Fusion is possible and the instructions on how to create your own personal Cold Fusion engine to power your home/apt/etc... forever!

That, or some funky recipe for Fluffernutter.

unfortunately they just wouldn't announce it like this... although i have my fingers crossed. Would be an AWESOME surprise... but doubt it.

Google+ will announce that they purchased Facebook and will be converting everyone's Facebook account to Google+

that would actually suck, one of Google+'s biggest selling points for me right now is the lack of ridiculous spam that incredibly gullible people keep passing on

Google announces that they are in fact a controlling interest in CarrierIQ and that anyone using a gmail account to activate their phone has the apk installed.

That was the first tablet, not a Nexus tablet. That's like saying the HTC G1 Dream was the first Nexus phone. It took over a year for the first nexus phone to come out, maybe now that tablets and ICS are established they are relating a Nexus tablet.

The Xoom is the equivalent of a Nexus tablet. It was always base, standard Honeycomb, it has been the first to be updated, and now, when they released the ICS source, the devices to receive it were: Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S, and Xoom.

The difference between saying the Xoom is a nexus tablet and the G1 was the first Nexus phone is that the Xoom was not the only Android device when it was released, whereas the G1 was the first consumer Android device. Your analogy is not accurate.

The only difference between the Xoom and a Nexus tablet would be a name... right now, the Xoom IS the nexus tablet.

The way I see it, the Xoom was Google first steps to get something, anything to the tablet market, somewhat similar to the G1. There was no need for a Nexus series because there were no manufacturer skins. Then phones like the Hero came out, and low and behold, the Nexus program began. Googles way of keeping at least one phone in the market working the way they had intended.

Now that we've reached a point where manufacturers are putting their own skins on tablets, we may need another nexus series to take over in the tablet field. We need some reference as to how google intends their OS to look on tablets, skin free.

And why not, it'd allow two companies to be in G's good graces each year, and they could offset the cycle so that we had something to look forward to every 6 months (aside from the usual conference) Oh, and NFC......yeah, android beam from your phone to your tablet would be awesome. .

But who are we kidding, none of this is gonna happen tomorrow. It'll probably be something cheap like a holiday sale.

The Motorola Xoom is, essentially, already, the "Nexus tablet". It was the official reference tablet for Honeycomb (this first Android tablet OS), the first device to release with Honeycomb, has zero carrier corruption, and is likely to be the first tablet with ICS.

Let's put it this way- the Xoom is far more of a Nexus device than the Verizon Galaxy "Nexus" is....

The ability to import all your facebook friends to google +. The ability to view all facebook post once you import your friends over and to message them. SO now you can say to hell with facebook.

I'd have to agree. Would love to see a non-kludge way to make calls over Google Voice to regular land lines. I'll bet on Verizon's LTE network it would be just as good as a regular call. GrooveIP is not adequate for business conference calls even over FiOS wifi.

Wouldn't be surprised if it was the rumored Siri-like Voice Search update (codenamed Majel). I will be so happy if that is released.

Since they announced on Google +, and not the Google Blog, you can pretty much rest assured it has something to do with Google + and almost nothing to do with Android.

Don't get your hopes up for any ICS stuff or additional Nexus carriers.

Google Announcing they will be becoming a Carrier and we no longer have to wait for them to release phones.

Whenever they tease some type of surprise, its always something lame. I predict an Android robot Christmas-themed live wallpaper.

they're going to announce the next nexus! it's been that long since the previous announcement!

I'm liking the "Unicorn Blood" and "Nexus for Everyone" suggestions, in that order. Maybe we'll see billions of Nexus Unicorns spring up soon.

O.M.G. "Project Majel" as in Majel Barrett-Roddenberry? What rock have I been under to have not heard about this? The voice of #LCARS is gonna kick Siri's butt. ;)

iFan? I feel like I was hit below the belt with that one. I wouldn't buy an apple product if my life depended on it. The real answer was that I was bored and I tried Google + for a few weeks a while back and it did nothing for me. So I dunno what you'd call me. Just whatever it is, please not an iFan.

Holiday gift from the market maybe one or a few apps for free. They already gave away the ten cent apps so why not a free one?

Android has partnered with "X" amount of cable companies to bring ANDROID TV To your ICS near you! :D Along with the Google+ Hangouts feature, Google Wallet on the Nexus S.

Google/Android World Expo/Conference.. in SF?... in May? For non-developer types, for us Android fan-boys. Android hardware and software vendors, talks, seminars, keynotes...
Keynotes where some free bling gets announced at the end of the talk.....
"and one more thing.... everyone here gets a".... Nexus phone or tablet or GoogleTV for free.....!

Surprised just about everyone missed this. Today they will announce the update to the google+ app for android allowing you to start a video chat right from your phone. This will work for up to 9 friends all at the same time. This is what the Galaxy Nexus has and will be released today for everyone else.

I was wondering if that really was the announcement. Seems pretty disappointing if it was. If the tablet was coming out like next week it'd be one thing, but 6 months is kinda ridiculous to even bother with the announcement.

Hmm.... I wouldn't be surprised its googles version of siri called majel which has been in the works for some time by Google X there secretive lab.