One of the cooler applications on the iPhone, Bump, has found its way to Android. If you've never heard of Bump before, it's okay for now, but the potential of the application and the all-around cool factor is definitely worth remembering. Bump allows you to share contact information and photos between two phones just by 'bumping' (tapping) them together. It's an uber-quick way to exchange phone numbers and pretty much genius in its execution, you'll definitely wonder how come it doesn't come stock on all phones after you use it.

All you have to do is fire up the app and you'll be 'bumping' in no time. As Bump grows in popularity, it'll become even more useful because people you bump into at coffee shops, meetings, conferences, etc. can just 'bump' you their information just as easily. The best thing is that the Android 'Bump' works with the iPhone 'Bump'--Bump is cross-platform. Go download it in Android Market and get to bumping!



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Android Gets Bump, Super Cool App


I hate to be a party pooper, but after the initial coolness wears off, I don't see something like this being particularly useful. For most people I already know, I don't know or care what kind of phone they have. For the most part, even THEY don't know or care what kind of phone they have (obviously not smartphone users). But I just can't see myself approaching someone whom I've met before (or just met) and saying "Hey, bump me!" Depending on who the other person is, I run the risk of being arrested, or at least getting a smack in the face.

Maybe I'll change my tune in time, as my new Droid *IS* the first phone I've ever had where I've actually felt the urge to show it to other people and show them how cool it is.

The first time I heard about this app I thought "gee this sounds stupid, I doubt anyone will pay attention to it." Well I was wrong and now its on the front page of my beloved android central. Has my opinion changed of it now that it has gotten some more press? Nope, I still think this is a dumb @ss program trying to fill a need that has already been done multiple times over (bluetooth, IR, barcode scanning, etc) and I doubt this will catch on with anyone aside from tweens and people with too much time on their hands. Bump me.

The application is terrible. A co-worker (droid user) and I (cliq user) tried it out and it gave us several different problems. Actually, it never worked. Doesn't work well with motoblur either, some motoblur apps crashed. First time ever that it happens on my phone.

Where can i download this program from? I have the Motorola Droid and i have searched all over the Marketplace but cant seem to find this application...Can anyone guide me? Thanx ppl...

when you "bump" with someone else, say you just met a person at the mall or something and were going to exchange numbers, wouldnt it still need to either have both phones wifi turned on, or both phones bluetooth on and connected to each other? or does bump turn on bluetooth and automatically apply the pin to both phones to connect them so that the info can be shared?

I haven't seen it on the market either. Any ideas on why it might have been removed? Does anyone have a link to a direct download, by any chance?


I downloaded it and it force closes on the Hero dring certain tasks. It also stinks taht it doesn't fully interface with HTCs people app so you can't choose "your contact card" to pull down your contact info.

They removed it from the Market in order to fix the bugs. The guys over at Bump Technologies were quick to respond when I sent them an e-mail listing the bugs I found.

There is a very similar app called Hoccer in the android market. It allows you to exchange data with throw and catch gestures. I think there is also a tap mode, which is like bumping two phones.

I tried this app with my droid and a friends G1. my info went to the G1 no problem, but my friends info looks like it came to the droid, but seemed to be missing in the vastness of the universe. my aka: better half also having a droid, removed my info from the contact list. we used bump, and again info was exchanged but not showing. while manualy adding my info back into the phone the done button was pushed after entering my name only. then the bump info was populated into the list.

It's a cool idea. I'm glad that my Sprint Hero can now be just as cool as the iphone. Only problem is that It does not allow me to use my own contact card as my bump info. I can create a new contact but then i am in there as myself and another contact. Why would you want to select another contact card other than yourself? I'm sure these flaws will be resolved. It seems that android apps are constantly updated and fixed faster than you can download a webpage on ATT's network.

When I bump my phone with others, my information goes to them. It seems like I get thier information. I accept it, but when I go to my contacts, it is not there. Any suggestions?

When I bump my phone to others, they get my information, but I do not get theirs. Any suggestions?