Well folks, it’s time to break out the pom-poms and start the trash talking  – the Android Cup has begun. This event, sponsored by Laptop Mag, brings all the older Android classics together and even ties in the newest heavy-hitters in the Droid world -- but in the end, there can be only one. The carnage began today with the the ominous Droid Incredible going head-to-head with the classic Samsung Behold II in a bout of bloodthirst and horror.  Now, we know that the first tier matches may seem kind of predictable, but it’s really all about you, the fans, supporting your personal favorite devices so get out there and start voting!   [via Laptop Mag]


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Android Cup kicks off today, Incredible versus Behold II first round


ok, we all know the Evo is gonna win, this is pointless......the only phone that has a chance of beating it is a Froyo Nexus One! and no, i don't have an Evo!

you must not be aware of the incredible.. :) im not sure Phil has one so he's unaware as well it seems lol (it beats Evo hands down for me) two simple things that i prefer, size-wise the incredible is perfect. the Evos too big, and the screen.. its blu-ish in most off angles. the incredibles screen is amazing.

Out of these two, the incredible is by far the better device. No contest there. I think when we get to the Nexus v. Evo v. Incredible then we will truly see some competition.

What a joke... It's like they TRIED to set it up to be Droid Increcible vs. Nexus One/EVO (and the EVO will probably win that contest anyhow).

Looking down the bracket I think the Droid will give the Incredible a run for its money. And it will be close between the EVO and Nexus One as well. But the true winner is the public that has 4 quality Android devices to choose from!

evo is nice but from what i've read it's too glitchy/ doesn't handle wifi etc.. i think it will end up being N1 with froyo, but i'm a big fan of my Incredible, so that's what i'm sticking with. go Incredible!

Glitchy? How? I'm just curious. Wifi is slightly weaker than some others I have owned but I've yet to see a glitch.

Sticking with the theme here Incredible versus Behold II.

Puuulease....The only thing the Behold II might win is possibly the ugliest Android phone on the market. Can you still get one? As if anyone would want one. Really, have you people seen that thing?!?!!? Can you even get 2.1 on one these days.

This round goes to the Incredible hands down. I won't even bother with a features, physical or performance comparison. Because they all are easily won by the Inc.

Incredible all the way.....

EVO - is crippled by Sprint. Its having the Fastest Car in the World - but making it run in MUD.... MISSED calls - Lost Calls - NO RECEPTION.... I live in Maryland - and Drive up and down the East Cost is and I only have Reception 50% of the Time???? I miss calls all day - while my Wifes Incredible is Singing... Always full reception. Crystal Clear... Just WOW. WOW. INCREDIBLE ALL THE WAY.

Funny...I rode from Baltimore to OC last week and streamed Pandora the whole way on my Evo. Never dropped a call and 4G is strong in Baltimore. Someone needs to lay off the FUD.

Besides, Sprint roams free on Verizon so even if I do hit some area where there is VZW and not Sprint I won't miss a thing.

Well...I will miss paying out the ass to Verizon but that's about it. Have fun though. Whatever it takes to justify overpaying for essentially the same thing.

Remember back in march the palm pre spanked android azz. It's all about the community getting in and voting. Doesn't matter who.wins as long as its android.

I see the Evo as the only real competition for the Inc. I will be pulling hard for the Inc throughout the competition. GO INCREDIBLE, GO!

The Incredible, the (new) droids, the Evo and the Samsung galaxy s. are the only Real fighters in this battle. If everyone way running 2.2 it might be a closer battle.

Semifinals- Incredible vs. Droid and N1 vs. Evo 4g

Finals- Incredible vs. Evo 4g

Evo 4g wins!

I dont think they can count the n1 with froyo because it hasnt been officially released yet right?

In this fight, Incredible for sure. When it becomes the Inc vs the Evo, this will be much more interesting.

Droid Incredible! I'd rather have a 3G Android phone on America's solid Verizon network than a 4G HTC Evo on Sprint... That's all I have to say!

You talk like a commercial. Unless you live in some bumfark boonie where Verizon bought out the local telco, coverage is equal on Sprint and costs a lot less. Free roaming on Verizon means I still get a good signal in those same boonies and since I live in the city I have amazing 3g and 4g as well...at a good $30-50 less per month.

Verizon has superior rural coverage. That is about all they offer over any other carrier. Coverage in cities is good for any major carrier but the farther you move out to the sticks, it goes Verizon, Sprint, ATT, TMo. Pricing goes Verizon/ATT, then Sprint/Tmo. I will take the second best coverage if it costs way less and gives me free roaming those two times a year when I go out to rural PA and need it.

Well considering the Evo isn't in this event, I won't waste all your time telling you how ungodly amazing it is. But the Incredible is easily 2nd best to the Evo. And the Behold 2 is garbage, and can't even get 2.1. I honestly think this competition is heavily unbalanced.

I own the EVO and so far have yet to try the incredible. But spec for spec other than the screen the Incredible I would say EVO all the way. Also here in Houston the only calls I miss on my phone are the one's I ignore. I have no trouble with Sprint here whatsoever.


Why do certain people believe the EVO will win hands down? As far as I know, the screen on the Incredible is superior (TFT vs AMOLED), the Incredible is smaller/lighter, which to some is a POSITIVE, doesn't suffer from screen separation, contains an optical track ball, etc (*cough*Verizon*cough* :P ).

Granted, the EVO has 720p recording out of the box and an HDMI output. Those are really the only two things which IMO may give it an edge over the incredible. Ok, I'll count the kickstand to as a half of a point :P.

The EVO screen is SICK, hands down. But with all other specs being identical, except for the 1gb of memory versus the 768mb on the Incredible, AND the incredible has 8gb flash storage, and EVO has ZERO.

Minus the BADASS screen on the Evo, the Incredible and Evo are Tip-for-Tap.

More memory on the Evo

Bigger screen on Evo and you can see it in the sun

Incredible comes with internal storage whereas Evo came with an 8GB MicroSD for storage. Pretty much moot.

Evo gives you the option of joining a Wimax network when you enter one while Incredible doesn't give you the option

Evo has higher res video recording (1280x720 versus Incredible's 800x480). This seems more software and could probably be changed in software.

Evo has a bigger battery (1500mah versus 1300mah) but the slightly larger screen may use it a little faster. Not sure on this one.

Sprint costs a good deal less than Verizon

Verizon has better rural coverage than Sprint.

For *my* uses I prefer the Evo. I live in the city so I have excellent coverage either way. I have 4G in my city so it's there when I need it. I prefer the bigger screen if I am going to be typing on a virtual QWERTY.

But I guess if I was being paid to use a current Verizon phone I would choose the Incredible.

incredible for sure.... even against evo, incredible has fewer reliability issues (plus sprint service in s. florida is as reliable as an 80s porsche)

Incredible all the way. It is unfortunate that screen shortage stopped momentum. Great size, screen, HTC Sense, 8mb camera, 40 gb capacity (including internal 8) and on Verizon. What more can u ask for. Bring it.

What do the NY Mets and the HTC Incredible have in common?

1. I'm a fan of them both.
2. They are both going to lose.
3. I'll love them anyway!

Go Froyo! Go Incredible! They need better pitching.