Android CentralWe're into the third week of our month long Stuff Your Stocking contest here at Android Central, and that means that we have more winners to announce.

Last week we asked you to follow us on Youtube and comment on a video, and we've checked our list, rifled through our Youtube inbox, and picked winners for each day's contest. Each winner will need to check their Youtube inbox for all the details, but there's a $10 Google Play gift card with your name on it. I imagine everyone wants to know who those winners are, so let's get on with it!

  • timecop1080
  • laurel2510
  • elemental1
  • vmmini91
  • milton abaunza
  • what316austin1
  • sleepyhollow57

A big holiday congrats goes out to each of you from all of us here at Android Central, and we know you'll find something great in Google Play to spend your gift cards on. Plus, you're automatically entered to win a Nexus 4 from us!

Don't forget that starting tomorrow is a new week, and we have more gift cards to give away. Keep an eye on the blog for just how we're going to do that. Good luck, congrats to last week's winners, and thanks everyone for entering!

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Tsudeily says:

Congrats everyone and a happy Lloydmas to all.

Gratz y'all

Rob Hinthan says:

Congrats all, on to the next contest!

Congrats! Next week ho!



lordkaladar says:

Dang winners!

Denied =(

Purgatory says:

congratulations everyone!

KwietStorm says:

Were winners announced for the Mobile Nations Mega giveaway? The one with packages from every OS?

Tiffyish says:

Congratulations, winners!

OffSpot2 says:

Congratulations winners! Enjoy your shopping spree. The rest of us will carry on and try to join you next week. Happy holidays everyone!

C-3PO says:

Happy holidays and congrats winners! Nexus 4 let's go!

Amy Jung says:

So glad the holidays bring about great deals for stockings. Found another sweet deal on Samsung Apps Facebook's page!

iamblob says:

Congrats to the winners.

I didn't know we had to comment on a video. I read the instructions at and it only said to subscribe so I did. I would like to kindly ask to make sure the rules are more consistent next time. Thanks.

atlas9171 says:

It was mentioned at the beginning of the week that a comment was necessary, although I agree it should of been mentioned throughout the contest.

atlas9171 says:

Unsuccessful again, oh well, use to it. Never really expect to win anyway.

Congrats to the winners

jopher says:

grats guys :D

nawadley says:

Congratulations to the winners! Is this where we need to enter our comment, or is the blog post elsewhere?

Thanks for the contest!

laurel25 says:

Thanks, AndroidCentral! I am super excited to use my $10 in the Play Store! You guys are awesome!!!!!

anthonycr says:

Buy my CM10 themes with your $10 :-P

sconrad308 says:

Congrats to those that won

J_Droid says:

Where's the post for Week 3?

Tsudeily says:

They mention that it starts back up next week here: