The day one keynote today at the Samsung Developers Conference was chock full of information, showed some great stuff from developers — both current and coming soon — and was a showcase of where Samsung wants go with their Android line in the future. It was a lot to wrap your head around.

Luckily, Phil and Andrew found some time to hash it all out the way we do best around these parts. Of course, I'm talking about a podcast.

This is the best 20-minute wrap-up of today's events you'll find on the web, from the people you know and trust right here at AC. You won't want to miss this one.

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Android Central Live: Wrapping up the day one keynote, podcast style


Am I the only one having trouble hearing the audio? Seems too low...volume on 100%, can barely hear a word.

On a Mac with volume all the way up and I could barely hear it. I almost pulled my headphones out to listen to it but I just gave up.

You guys do well live. For some reason I expected Andrew to be shyer but he was just like a newscaster. Well done.

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Yes. The audio levels on this clip is really low. At first I thought it was something this end, but I tried another clip - that was OK. Can you fix it AC?