Android Central at IFA in Berlin

Greetings from beautiful Berlin, Germany! We've made our way to eastern Europe for the annual IFA conference, and we've got our two resident Brits -- Alex Dobie and Richard Devine -- on hand to bring you every last drop of Android that IFA has to offer. 

Things slowly get started this evening, but the real show kicks off Wednesday with the Sony and Samsung press events, followed by a Samsung redux on Thursday. Times, though. You need times. Here they are:

  • Sony IFA 2012 Press Conference - Wednesday, Aug. 29 - 1500 BST, 1600 CEST, 1000 EDT, 0700 PDT
  • Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012 in Berlin - Wednesday, Aug 29 - 1800 BST, 1900 CEST, 1300 EDT, 1000 PDT
  • Samsung International Press Conference - Thursday, Aug. 30 - 1000 BST, 1100 CEST, 0500 EDT, 0200 PDT

Look for loads more on the show floor, as well, and be sure to check out our IFA 2012 preview, where you can get the rundown on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, the what we're expecting from Sony, and other odds and ends. And be sure to bookmark our IFA 2012 page so you don't miss a thing!

There are 7 comments

birdman_38 says:

Looking forward to the coverage guys!

mdxyz says:

Berlin is at best central Europe, maybe still western Europe, but definitely not eastern Europe.

Yahma says:

Agreed. Berlin is considered Western Europe by most. It could also be considered Central Europe; however, Eastern Europe is way off the mark. Perhaps you meant to say "Former East Berlin"?

Jeremy626 says:

can't wait.
but i'm pretty sure i'll be super pissed at Samsung note 2's MENU BUTTON..... argggggghhhhhh!!!

Jcrabapple says:

I'm looking forward to hearing more about the Hisense Google TV box.

92turbo2 says:

have fun in my country guys, born and raised in Dortmund, now my family lives in dresden

sledgie#AC says:

Samsung's 8 tablet will have a S pen