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With Google+ Pages now available we've gone ahead and set up our very own Android Central page for you all. Actually, Lloyd did it for us so make you drop by our page and give us a follow and don't be shy to hit that +1 button as you're checking things out!

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Android Central has arrived on Google+ Pages


finally! convenience factor is the big attraction for me. i check my G+ feed more often than going onto the phone's browser & the mobile version of androidcentral.

hopefully (& likely) others follow suit soon. i need some droid-life,phandroid & androidandme fix on G+

This is SO nice. Pages just pounded the last nail into the coffin I'm burying my twitter account in. No more twitter apps on my phone anymore, and I can finally remove the TweetDeck widget from the homescreen. Now, if only I could finally rid myself of FaceBook (which is getting closer by the day).

It's interesting to hear you say this will make you stop using twitter. I have never thought of G+ as anything like twitter only thought of it as an alternative to facebook.

I tried to post the link to my new Google+ page in facebook and FACEBOOK deletes the post!! wow.

Google+ uses asynchronous following mechanics like Twitter. So you will only see pollution if you follow those creating the pollution. Otherwise your stream can be as clean and pure as you want it to be.