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Android Central on Google Currents

Now that Google's announced its Currents project, it's time to let you in on a little secret.

It's pretty darn awesome.

We've been experimenting with Currents (neé Propeller) for some weeks now on its road to launch. At its heart, it's very much a Flipboard competitor, if you've ever seen or used the excellent iPad application. The consumer-facing side of Currents is a magazine-like look and feel, as powerful offline as it is when connected to the Internet. From the back end, it's basically just pulling in RSS feeds and displaying them in a custom UI, and you can have it up an running in just minutes through the web-based (natch) Google Studio.

This isn't just some cookie-cutter operation, though. There are plenty of apps like that in the Android Market, and, frankly, many of them suck. Currents's strength comes from its simplicity. It's easy to set up and maintain, and the app has a simple and attractive user interface. Toss in that it's pretty customizable, and you've got the makings of a strong platform, and one that's ready to go out of the box at launch.

So why call it a Flipboard competitor, when Flipboard's only available on iOS? Because when you create an edition in Currents, you're simultaneously creating for Android smartphones. And tablets. And the iPhone. And the iPad. And you can preview each platform on the fly, as you work. Bad news for most of the world, though -- Currents is U.S.-only for now.

We've got our Android Central walkthrough of Google Currents after the break, and be sure to add our Google Currents Edition. Check it out.

Youtube link for mobile viewing

Google Currents smartphone version

Google Currents for AndroidGoogle Currents for Android

Google Currents for AndroidGoogle Currents for Android

Google Currents for AndroidGoogle Currents for Android

Google Currents for AndroidGoogle Currents for Android

Google Currents for Android

Google Currents for Android

Google Currents for AndroidGoogle Currents for Android

Google Currents for AndroidGoogle Currents for Android

Google Currents for AndroidGoogle Currents for Android

Google Currents for Android

Google Currents for tablets

Google Currents for Tablets

Google Currents for Tablets

Google Currents for Tablets

Google Currents for Tablets

There are 38 comments

soccerfon711 says:

Looks cool! I'll be giving it a shot.

AndroidCash says:

Not available in Canada.


kinster02 says:

Cheer Up, you Canadians got the Nexus.

hmmm says:

Kind of off topic but I hope Google updates the screenshot app to exclude the navigation buttons.

camilozano98 says:

SO EPIC!!! This is better than the AndroidCentral app/mobile site (no offence)

Hand_O_Death says:

Good because I really do not like the Android Central App.

And don't worry, Rest O' World, you all get the GNexus so I do not feel too bad for yall just yet.

BarneyDroid says:

Very nice! Props to google with this one!

JerryRecords says:

They love teasing us with their GNex.

BarneyDroid says:

Phil is not just teasing us with it! He is rubbing our noses in it!

kylosma says:

Sweet. Looks like I will be saying goodbye to Pulse. Funny how Eric was questioned yesterday about Flipboard and then today they released Current.

kinster02 says:

Looks like I'll be leaving my long time champ Pulse.

ba_hamilton says:

This is awesome. When I installed it I did not have androidcentral already preloaded. It was easy to add. Another great android app by Google. I love the images in 500px.

tender says:

Good looking app. Tried it on my Thunderbolt and iPad. Would be even better if it synced with Google Reader.

orlanka says:

See bbarend's comment below

skeeve says:

I would love to see this integrate with Google Reader. When a site has a Currents edition, it will use that instead of the standard RSS.

Question: does currents keep track of read/unread state of articles? That's a must-have feature for me.

bbarend says:

It gives you the option to add your Google Reader feeds. However it doesn't seem to do read/unread.

icebike says:

So Its Google Reader for the "Too Dumb to Read" crowd?

BlackHawkA4 says:

Is this supposed to replace my Google Reader? I'm not sure if it I like it. Well, I do at first. It's a nice cool new look; but, there's no read or unread is there? No new counts. And it's really SLOW on my Nexus S with ICS and it was using 60mb of ram when I wasn't using it.

BlackHawkA4 says:

Make that 67mb now. And UNRESPONSIVE. I can't blame that though since It's a Galaxy port; but, still.

No sync with Google Reader? No thanks.

orlanka says:

You can bring in your feeds from Reader, but so far it doesn't look like it updates the counts or allows you to hide what you already read.

technomom says:

I have lots of Reader feeds, like over 80 of them. How do I sync ALL of them quickly (like with one button click) and ensure that if I add, delete feeds from Google Reader, they stay in sync?

Feedly does this.

How is Google Currents going to want to make me switch?

technomom says:

Hearing crickets.


Oh well.

Currents = Wave 2 as far as I'm concerned. Another Google product that's a solution in search of a problem.

Google still hasn't convinced me that I NEED this and can throw away all my other news aggregation tools. SELL it to me, dammit! Where's the value add?

youareme7 says:

Although I think this is "kinda" nifty, I, like many others don't see this as a real improvement over Google Reader. If I had to digest content as slow as this thing presents it I'd never keep up with my feed.

slbailey1 says:

Google Currents does sync with Google Reader. I just wish they add the feature to only download unread feeds from Google Reader and mark feeds as read. This missing feature is why I do not use Pulse.

Google Currents is a real nice app, better than Pulse. I just wish I can use it - going back to FeedR.

E_man says:

This looks like it's a magazine to google readers newspaper. It seems to be more "read on your own time, relax" where google reader is more information focused.

icu says:

Seems very nice. Has a purdy mout... UI.

Maybe it's just a first time thing, but this sync is slower than the one in my bathroom.

gordol says:

Make it mark things as read so they GO AWAY when viewed, and I'll give it another shot.

coskier says:

So actually it is less of a Flipboard competitor and more of a Pulse News competitor. Pulse is awesome, and works across all platforms too. Http://

Cubfan says:

Comments don't show. What good is that?

Kobol says:

not compatible with Galaxy Nexus, lol, Google apps not compatible with Google phones - i thought only BlackBerry did that kind of thing.

matthk says:

I know! Silly isn't it?
I've got a brand new (May 2012) Android Tablet, running Ice-Cream Sandwich, and Google Play says it's 'incompatible' with my device! What gives?

teokcmy says:

Doesn't remember my last reading position. It always goes to the home panel even when all I did was switching app, which is quite annoying.

Installed but it won't open past the accounts page. Bug? Droid Bionic.

cancel that....You have to tap the account to continue. dumb da dum dumb

RasJacob says:

Anyone know what calendar widget that is on Phil's phone?

danhartman26 says:

been using it since the article on AC. But the shortest refresh freq of 6 hours concerned me. Oh well I thought - I can do a manual refresh to get the latest AC articles right? No, it doesn't update when I do a manual refresh! I see up to 24 hour old stories at the top of the list.

The interface is pretty, but...

Can't see the comments; often can't see the entire article without clicking "view entire article"; and the refresh isuue I mention above make this a FAIL for me.

I want to use it, and any Google app, but for my needs Pulse is a much better option with an equal or better interface.

That's my two cents...