Android Central Forums App

Just a quick heads up that the Android Central Forums app is now available in the Amazon Appstore, for those of you who roll like that. It's all the same incredible forums content you get right here on the site, packaged in a handy free application. If you're rocking a Kindle Fire, it works just fine on that bad boy, too. 

Thousands have already downloaded the Android Central Forums app. What are you waiting for?

Download from: Amazon | Google Play


There are 5 comments

ohaaron says:

Is this available for iOS as well? ;) I kid, I kid. GNex<3

tada1096 says:

I wish it was, would be nice for those of us that have android and ios

going_home says:

Why a forum app when you can just bookmark the site ?
Seems sill to do that.
I dont get it.

Sehtam says:

not in amazon market on kindle, but it is on my Nexus S

Johnly says:

You wear shape ups, do it mike!