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All the Android-powered devices without access to Google Play need love, too

Good news for folks with a Kindle Fire, or any other Android-based device that may not have access to Google Play -- The Android Central app is now available in the Amazon Appstore. It's the same AC app you know and love, for the same low price of free, and it will install right to your device like any of the other thousands of apps available from Amazon.

It's a great way to stay up-to-date with Android news, browse the forums or even catch the podcast. We're also continuously updating with new features so things keep getting better. If you love your Kindle as much as we love your Kindle, be sure to grab it!

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The Android Central app now available on the Amazon Appstore


Spread your wings guys, good on you. I love the App, I'm far more in tune with you guys since getting your App. Got your feeds on my lockscreen on my Nexus 7 and Galaxy S3.

Amazon Kindle Fire users, welcome to a Great App!

Posted via Android Central App

As I posted there yesterday, I'm not quite sure that a beta track is going to do what was hoping it would do. So we'll just have to see about that. 

As it stands, we're pushing out the new releases just as soon as they're baked. Thanks for your understanding on that. :)

When accessing it via my desktop, the page on Amazon (from your link) has one of those X-ed out red circles and says its incompatible with my Kindle Fire (I have a 1st gen KF).

Shopping directly from my Kindle, it doesn't find the app at all.

Hey Phil, I hope you have a good experience with Amazon. I've heard some horror stories about dealing with them. Leave Amazon and you have to leave Google Play. I hear Nazis write friendlier terms of service.