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New font sizes, read/unread options also available in this latest update

It's a banner day for the official Android Central app! We've just released Version 1.2 with a few more heavily requested features, some bigfixes and your basic smorgasbord of awesomeness. 

If you've yet to experience the glory that is the Android Central app, go ahead and hit up that download button. We'll wait. Then join us after the break as we walk you through a couple of the new features including -- yes -- a move to the dark side.

Joining the dark side: Welcome to night mode

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From our first release, one of the most sought-after features was a dark theme. And now we've got it. You can switch to the dark theme in the settings menu. (Look for "Night mode.") The theme persists throughout the application. 

It's become our go-to look for the app. Let us know if you'd like it to become the default.

Read/unread status in forums and blog

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This one works on the blog side as well as in the forums. Once you've read a story or thread, the title will switch to a lighter font. It's subtle, but it's noticeable.

Change font size in articles

Android Central App

Another must-have feature, in our opinion. When you've got an article open, hit the overflow menu button (that's the three little dots in the top right) to get the font size options. We've included "Tiny," "Small," "Medium," "Large" and "My God, what were they thinking?"

And that's not all

Those are the big strokes. But we've also improved the widget refresh mechanism, article scrolling is better, and we've issued a host of other tweaks and bugfixes. 


Reader comments

Android Central App gets dark theme, font size options in Version 1.2!


Please let us permanently set the default font size! I don't want to have to make it bigger for each new article.

I didn't realise you have to press the OK button after choosing a font size, if you click off to the side then it doesn't save for the next article.

This app is great, and it's just getting better. Good job, guys! Already using the dark theme :).

Posted via Android Central App

Great job. I was using the widget on my HTC One but noticed my good battery life started changing, hope this update changes the draining, because I loved the widget.

Sure dark can become the default but first change the blues to greens to match Android Central colors

Posted via Android Central App

Please keep the light version as an option if you do make the dark the default. Love the app.

App looks very nice, seems like a default app lol.. Loving the new dark theme.. Glad it's not just pure black like some dark themes..

Posted via Android Central App

Oh Yh forgot to add maybe you can add the ability to go directly to comments.. For example in the list of all the articles there's the blue comments icon on the right.. Would love to tap that to go directly into the comment section.

Posted via Android Central App

Any chance of a dark theme for the widget? Would look better with shutters in Action Launcher.

Posted via Android Central App

The dark theme rocks but the widget got overlooked. Please give the widget a dark theme or a transparent black theme like Plume to match the OS!

Posted via Android Central App

Loving the darkness, an awesome app just got more awesome! Just wish Google would do dark themes... Ah well thankfully team blackout exist!

Posted via Android Central App

Please make the gray action bar the default though. That brought green is a little painful

Posted via Android Central App

This is really nice it should have a lot of themes like one for each season and holiday

130C0N on Htc One Sv

Damn good of you Phil. This app makes "The Verge" app feel like a 1972 Ford Gremlin, and that's very high praise.

Love the dark theme, looks much better now in my opinion. You guys are pushing out updates at a great pact, keep up the great work!

Posted via Android Central App

Thankful for the AC app, but still have NOT FOUND a remedy for "Webpage not available" whenever I attempt to log into my account. I have received this message ever since downloading the app back in May. Any thoughts Phil??? ...or anyone else???


Great app update. Still concerned with the forum features. I get how the thread title gets darker when read. If I leave the forum, and come back, the thread title is bright again. Like the read feature didn't take.

Posted via Android Central App

Aw, I like the light theme (esp. the green) - the dark is like every other app so I hope the light stays the default. :)

Posted from my HTC One via Android Central App

I sold my Nexus 4 and Note 2, so I can have the money to buy a GS4 Google Edition. I'm left with my Lumia 920. I'm having Android withdrawals!!! I need Android Central app!

I love that you can now see read vs unread forum threads, but when you go into a thread it still takes you to the first message on the first page. Please fix so it goes to the first unread message within a thread.

Posted via Android Central App

Ok Phil, perhaps you could advise me on whom to contact to get the app to work. Never was able to login, getting routed to a page that was always "unavailable". After days of trying, I gave up.
Sent feedback with contact info, and tried finding a support link, to no avail.
Unfortunately I uninstalled the original app before trying the new one.

The updates makes it much better with the dark theme. Just what it was missing.

Posted via Android Central App

Love the update especially the Night Theme. This app is my go-to for phone news. Thanks for the great work.

Posted via Android Central App

I'm loading it now. Haven't even seen it yet and like it better already:) I've always preferred the darker themes on my Amoled device. Thanks AC.

Please change the update interval to hourly and bi/tri hourly. You guys don't need to make users update every fifteen minutes by default. That's just crazy. Battery and data plan killer. Sync only on Wi-Fi would be good too.

Posted via Android Central App

In the next update you guys should add the standard android three line back button instead of the old one. And add the option to have a flat ui with both light and dark themes.