US Presidents

Sometimes you just need to know about the U.S. presidents. Maybe you're in a history class. Maybe you like being the walking encyclopedia in your group of friends. Shoot, maybe you're just a patriotic citizen and it's something you've got to do, for you. Whatever the reason, there's an app for you, and it goes by the name of US Presidents.

US Presidents is pretty straightforward. You can view each president in chronological order, quiz yourself, look up presidents in a list (or search for them), or watch a "parade."

Pressing the "Learn" button at the top of the list pulls up the presidents, in order, one at a time. Think of it as a presidential flash card, if you will, with name, presidential number, birth and death place, and a portrait. The card also has political party, the dates he took and left office, their VP, and for fun, one trivia bit.

You can advance further into the list or backtrack using the left or right arrows at the top. Overall, simple and aesthetically pleasing.

The quiz option is pretty cool, as it lets you test your knowledge in a number of ways. You can test yourself on a president's full name, their VP, or their number, to name a few. Once the quiz has started, you're given four names to choose from. A counter up top keeps track of how much time has passed and how many questions you've answered correctly.

The Lookup option is exactly what you'd think it would be. You can either select a president from a long list or start typing a name in order to find exactly who you're looking for.

Last, there's the parade. The parade cracks me up because it's nothing more than a portrait of the president, their name, and the Stars and Stripes Forever by Sousa playing in the background.

Fortunately, for the aspiring history buff, US Presidents is free in the Android Market. If you're so inclined, download links and more pictures are after the break.

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PingaDulce says:

Does it include Obama or is it just for US born Presidents?

ScottJ says:

Translation: Does it include Obama or is it just for the racially white ones?

blackbyrd says:

@ pingadulce
you're a douche.

banhim says:

Please, for the love of the AC fanbase, ban him already. His posts consist of:

a) FiRsTz!! LoL!
b) this article sucks!
c) a stupid comment like this one

And that's not even considering the fact that his name means "sweet d**k when translated...

TJH132 says:

Last I checked Hawaii was a state.

Mike_is_Mike says:

One of the original 57? :D

Mike_is_Mike says:

Ironically, this company has a free app called 50 States!!

I wonder if they make it for BB's App World?

BrandoHD says:

Stupidity is permanent.

balthuszar says:

to quote ron can't fix stupid

Mike_is_Mike says:

This app could be good - as long as it's factual and not biased in anyway. says:

Educashun apps are 4 moreons.