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I'm a bit of a themaholic. It's not the same as a flashaholic (although I am one of those, too), but it's in the same vein. Up until now, I had to really search for good CM7 themes, but with the discovery of this app, I'm sure my problem is only going to get much, much worse.

Theme Chooser Themes is a CM7 theme collector/list that displays not only themes that are in the Market, but also themes that are on XDA. They're color coordinated by price, with green being free, blue meaning there's free and paid versions, and red being paid.

You can also filter the themes by free, free/paid, paid, by a developer, and screen size support. You can also search for themes using the theme's name, a description of the theme, or the developer's name.

If I had any complaints, it'd be screenshot previews of the theme before you get redirected to the Android Market or XDA, but I'm not sure how time consuming and/or data intensive that would be. Still, it's something I'd like to see in the future.

Theme Chooser Themes comes is ad-supported normally, but if you opt to buy the donate version (99 cents), you can kiss those ads goodbye. 

We've got download links and more screenshots after the break.

Theme Chooser ThemesTheme Chooser ThemesTheme Chooser ThemesTheme Chooser ThemesTheme Chooser ThemesTheme Chooser ThemesTheme Chooser ThemesTheme Chooser Themes

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droid83 says:

This only work for rooted devices

sprinttouch says:

Pretty sure rooting is a prerequisite for flashing CM7 as well :P

droid83 says:

I know that genuis

El Jefe says:

Thanks, Capt. Obvious.

Good thing you have to be rooted to get CM7 (or any other ROM for that matter) on your phone to begin with.

pDoG says:

Lol, we had a huge discussion on thus last week with a person critizing him about not including 'root' in his article. Did you read that Josh?

Joshua Munoz says:

I wrote all of these at the same time, but the difference is this one mentions CM7, at least. If you don't know that much, sorry.

pDoG says: